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Large Struggle Erupts At Excessive Faculty Commencement! | What’s Trending Now!

Large Battle Erupts At Excessive Faculty Commencement!

In the course of the commencement ceremony for Arlington Excessive Faculty in Memphis, Tennessee, an enormous brawl broke out amongst the mother and father in attendance. The mother and father are seen pulling hair, throwing punches, and one dad even tries to interrupt it up with a child in his arms!


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  1.  avatar

    Ay that's my school. Go tigers lmfao

  2.  avatar

    Why is it always America 😂

  3.  avatar

    Double toasted brought me here

  4.  avatar

    Just because they are lesbians doesn't mean they shouldn't be prosecuted like anyone else. This is taking PC to the extreme. If those two were heterosexual they would be in jail.

  5.  avatar

    I was at this graduation. I can't believe I didn't realize this happened😂. I believe it happened at the other end I was at.

    PS Congratulations to my cousin for graduating

  6.  avatar

    Peckerwoods will be Peckerwoods

  7.  avatar

    It's the south..everyone is racist and inbred…

  8.  avatar

    white people are barbaric.

  9.  avatar


  10.  avatar

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11.  avatar

    One time I sat down and the guy next to me said "that's reserved" so I moved over. No one sat there the whole time

  12.  avatar

    It's because it's Tennessee. Y'all white people are crazy AF.

  13.  avatar

    in the main event two mom's will fight for the best sits on the house.

  14.  avatar

    I didn't need to hear your bullshit talk, just the video please. Quit using others video's to get views.

  15.  avatar

    Are people really shocked at this kind of behavior? Children or adults this seems to be a normal response when people get upset and don't get their way.

  16.  avatar

    well, when its PRE-ARRANGED and you are sitting in someone elses seat, GET THE HELL OUT OF IT. its not your seat unless it was arranged for YOU to sit in it.

  17.  avatar

    What's more annoying than people fighting over trivial things is PEOPLE TAKING PRE-ARRANGED SEATS.

  18.  avatar

    how sad the students are more mature than the parents

  19.  avatar

    Unfortunately I was raised in a community populated with responsible adults so my high school graduation was just long and boring.

  20.  avatar

    In my graduation of June 2011 on Mt Carmel High School there's no fighting so I did not get involved in fighting.

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