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Morgan Freeman LOVES WEED! | What’s Trending Now

Morgan Freeman lately said that he is an enormous fan of medical marijuana… which makes it an entire lot funnier that he is performed God a number of occasions. They do not name him the Burning Bush for nothing! Sorry. Anyway, do you assume leisure marijuana ought to be authorized? Subscribe for extra movies!

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  1.  avatar

    Go to my Facebook & see Derek Camp

  2.  avatar

    fuck yeah….legalize that shit

  3.  avatar

    is this still the morgon from lean on me movie?

  4.  avatar

    Absolutely marijuana should be legal for adults 21 recreationally and up, and medicinally any age as long as it to treat an illness, with parental consent for minors.

    I think of this as two specific human rights issues… 1. Body/property ownership, if I own my body then I should have the right to decide what's good for my body. 2. The constitutional right to decide medical treatments for myself.

    Regardless of if you think it's bad, unsafe ect, the decision is the one deciding to use and the medical patient deciding their treatment (that right is up to the patient and or patient guardian/parent.)

  5.  avatar

    I am an addict and alcoholic with 13 years sober and I say it is oxymoron and unconstitutional to keep it illegal.  Alcohol is legal. Maybe we should outlaw Pepsi but leave Dr. Pepper alone just to show off how retarded we can be.

  6.  avatar

    Legalize it.
    Off course there a negative effects, but alcohol has it too.
    But there are way more positive ways for cannabis then just to smoke it.

  7.  avatar

    not legalized… because then they can tax it. You don't need someone telling you… ok we make it legal but you got to have permission from us cause we got guns and say you do… So pay us taxes so we don't throw you in jail for doing it without paying us for letting you…

    hmmm sound familiar?

    "Legality is not reality"

  8.  avatar

    He'll ya I'm down for there to be legalized recreational weed!

  9.  avatar

    Cuz than we won't have as much crime/ arrest

  10.  avatar


  11.  avatar

    Morgan Freeman also loves barely legal granddaughters.

  12.  avatar

    recreational all the way

  13.  avatar

    Legalize it totally!!

  14.  avatar

    Legalize EVERYTHING and end prohibition.

  15.  avatar

    Why is Morgan Freeman so cool

  16.  avatar

    I can imagine snoop dogg and Morgan freeman blazing it up and hot boxing a room for some reason.

  17.  avatar


  18.  avatar

    It's a sign of a sick society when drug use is normalized and loved.
    And wouldn't it be ironic if his car crash was due to driving under the influence…
    He was sued by the passenger for negligent driving and settled.
    He divorced his first wife in the 70s so if she introduced him to weed, it's not exactly unlikely he was partaking in 2008 when he's a strong advocate to this day. 
    The lady in his car was not his wife and he has the occasional extramarital kid.
    That the drug messes with your judgment to love it, is of course entirely impossible.
    And even if we were to entertain the notion that the drug was somehow 'harmless', it is of course still very unhealthy to smoke anything. As in cancer. The american lung association is less enthusiastic about weed.
    I guess Morgan Freeman preemptively started smoking weed medicinally in the 60s in anticipation of his injury in 2008.
    Stand by for comment from Afroman..

  19.  avatar

    Do you think marijuana should be legal?

  20.  avatar

    Smoke weed every day d day day

  21.  avatar


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