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MULTIPLE SHOOTERS and Depravity of Mankind

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    God Bless Us All In Jesus Name

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    The general population is just as sick if not worse than what we call the ElitesThese people are there because we put them there,hollywood is there because we put them there.Not just this country but the whole world needs to repent.God is showing us the evil that is happening and giving people a chance to repent .Hes showing us why judement is coming and its coming fast

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    It would take me a weeks check just to buy ur 60 day food kit for my family. Which really sucks especially having a 4 year olf

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    My hubby and I heard the live police scanners. There was more than one shooter.

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    Vegas. The most video, photoed, recorded place ever.!!! I heard people that were there got their phone, and recording device confiscated, and it was returned CLEAR of recorded evidence. Just point at a video cam, find owner of cam, demand recordings during time of occurrance. FOIA! If there is obfuscation it should not be because they think conspiracy theorists. Basic evidence is there, but intentionally hidden to cover up their false flag operation. I have proof, a podcast, of a couple, and a peace officier that was trying to protect them, that were on the ground, THERE, expressing concerns about multiple shooters. One being on the ground. These victims were running from someone on the ground. I dont believe at all that video poker push him. Ive played video poker, and that is the most ridiculous explanation.

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    when did chris start professing Christ? thats AWESOME Chris!!! Jesus is our Saviour!!!

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    Look up Storming Vegas

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    Thank you,for opening eyes.Ive learned alot from you.

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    STEVEN PADDOCK IS STILL ALIVE! Anonymous has, like Wikileaks, been completely taken over (if not from the start), and Julian Assange is dead.

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    I'm not going to hire a prostitute, I only have enough money to hire a journalist.

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    The channel never use to have such religious tone .. don't know about all that but iv always been a fan so I'll take it w/a grain of salt😏

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    have you seen this???!!!

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    OMG, you people are nuts.

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    Multiple shooters would have hit more people.  Multiple shooters would have made more noise.  Multiple shooters would have left more tracks.   Isn't one shooter scary enough for you?

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    You've probably already seen this

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    God bless you and Thank you Dear LORD Jesus Christ for Brother Christopher. Truly Only our True Savior Jesus Christ can save us. If we ask him into our life.. Hope you are feeling better by now. ((( In prayers <3))).

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    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

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    AMTV – ever wonder how they can catch a card counter but a guy lugging tons of weapons up to 32nd floor bypasses security?? Seriously? Another thing – what about this guy's casino cards showing all his profits? Right – they don't exist.

  19.  avatar this is interesting….the creator of this vid feels it will be deleted very soon

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    As every day goes by they the insider's craft the story . What is sicking is the mainstream media goes with the bullshit

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    Oh my gosh. How refreshing! You are a modern day John the Baptist- a voice in the wilderness turning people to God and away from their disappointing lives- away from the lies of Hollywood and the D.C. swamp

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    I like your videos Christopher. You are a clear thinker.

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    OJ Simpson get out of jail went to Vegas his football jersey was 32

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    This Antichrist Govt has infected you with the bird flew Chris.

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    Keep your ugly fucking face out of the videos. You are disgusting to look at.

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    8 Weeks before the LV event, Soros "Put" bet against MGM Mandalay Bay. He gained millions of dollars. He should hang.

    Info from his SEC filing

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    Damn you would feel better if you tried to be more positive and focus on more positive things. I know that on the daily in your mind you really are not a happy person.

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    I'd like to see the gunpowder residue report.
    911 was a inside job. Building 7 imploded? WTF

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