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The primary replace of my aquarium gallery! I cant wait to construct the fish tanks and get the aquarium fish into their new houses! From saltwater reefs to planted…


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    SORRY FOR THE LATE UPLOAD!!! I literally filmed this today. I wanted to give you the most up to date…update… that i could!

    If you missed any other of the videos on this series, see here:

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    Something to think about is lever-handle door knobs – they can be opened with an elbow when your hands are full. The entire gallery is looking great.

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    Lmao, a purple car

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    DIYfishkeeper NEON Sign! it would look sick man! cheers

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    I have a ton of YTs that I subbed to so I stayed away from other YouTubers I saw you and changed my mind

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    Buy a whale

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    When its done explain to your township you want to open to the public and charge 3.00 to get in, in the summer youll clean up.

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    Are you Canadian Joey??

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    OMG !! You are color blind and still building these beautiful Tanks.. SALUTE!!

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    Are people really gonna try and take fish in the middle of the night 😂

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    Is it just me or is the workshop blue, not light grey?

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    you should get some acoustic foam in the gallery……. its super cheap and will get rid of the major echo

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    this guy is rich. what does he do for a living. I want in.

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    Do you do youtube as your job or do you have a separate one

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    Route into the table your logo and fill with black epoxy

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    get solar panels

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    Love the dedication

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    I can't wait to see this huge planted aquarium. It's gonna be EPIC.

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    A large 1.5ftx1.5ft DIY Crown logo on the wall to the right of the Gallery door would look snazzy. 😉🖒

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    could you do a time-lapse of painting the walls?

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    such an amazing project.

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    🙂 love your videos just got the shirt so excited ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌

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    Joey ceiling fans will warp with The humidity

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    your flowerhorn so cute

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    where do you buy your acrylic

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    I love your videos

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    I love it! Can't wait to see your progress!

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    Got my DIY Fishkeeper shirt in the mail yesterday from teespring. Pretty stoked about it. Thanks Joey.

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    I'm not sure if it's a big deal to you but I thought I'd point it out. I was looking at the details you have going on and I noticed that the metal pieces of the door (room that will have QT tanks) are a green color. Like I said, might not be a big deal but I figured I'd tell you anyway. It's great to see how the fish room is transforming! Can't wait for it to all come together.

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    hehe you still have snow in what Toronto? in Alberta we have no snow anymore 😀

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    i think that space will be small for you in the future for your collection

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    Is your colorblindness the reason why you're not so impressed by reef tanks?

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    How about the work bench on wheels?

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    Do you have any turtle??

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    do you have back up humidifier in case that big blue one stops functioning? im just worried about the fishes you'll put inside.

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    Hey you should get a sign from madthemaker (his instagram name) makes alot of great signs for people and he's in Toronto!

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    Take your time man.

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    Dude, you should totally give aquarium building classes AS you are building your 10 120g tanks for demo. People pay for their materials plus teaching, so you end up with the tanks you already needed plus profit and new subscribers and video content

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    You need stronger ceiling lights..but so far so good

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    thanks joey!

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    I think you project of a fish gallery is awesome and has a amazing future in your hands. I think the grey is a great choice as someone into photography/film. We use grey cards to get correct lighting so on auto your walls will have your settings in a good spot. Also the grey will absorb extra light instead of reflecting it like most lighter colors. As for the wall I think it be cool to hang aquarium/fish art. Maybe hold a comp for the best ten drawings/paintings etc be cool to see the fans have art on the channel. Anyway you are an inspiration to the hobby and love where this is going.

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    The nautical star is blue lol

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    I like the matching crown and logo idea. Maybe you could put up some pictures of your tanks before they get changed for your gallery?

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    Ooooo joey your such a hoooozzzier. Just kidding man. Its looking great. Crazy what we do for the hobby. I'm installing central ac for me and mostly my fish. Love the update and info, looking forward to more

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