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    The Trump-haters can continue to criticize him all they want, but he said he was going to "drain the swamp", and ever since he's been in office, more and more corrupt politicians are finally getting exposed. This didn't happen under Obama, Clinton, or the Bushes (probably because they're part of the corruption themselves). Law enforcement is closing in on the Clintons, Podestas, John McCain, Obama, DNC, and other corrupt politicians… I call that "draining the swamp".

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    I'm in Az get this moving…tired of out of touch old ass polidicks gathering $ for themselves and their cronies. Everything you know is a lie. Get informed

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    WHEN,WHEN,WHEN will this shit get arrested for treason.

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    McCain has always been a sneaky liar pretending to be a war hero when he was just the opposite. Shame on him. His death legacy will be one of sickening proportions.

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    McCain is a traitor. He should retire.

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    John, your no longer needed. You can clock out and go home and let a real man take over.

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    I applaud McCain's service to the country and I hope he lives to 100, As a Senator the guy is a self promoting, self serving, duplicitous, lying  swamp monster. Not only that, I do not like the mutt. Google McCain/ Keating Five. Google John McCain's voting record. The guy is the south part of a north bound Maverick. For you from the  Ivy League,, that is a horses ass

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    McCain deserves the electric chair.

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    Crush what reputation? He's a RINO squish, a backstabber, and not a team player. Let him rot.

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    Guilt these days seems to be something that only applies to the innocent. For no matter how much proof or evidence exsists in the plain light of day against several politicians and political organizations the only trials held are in the left held media where the innocent are tried and convicted with hearsay and desperate wishful thinking.

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    McCain tries to be sneaky and acts like he's a hero to the public when actually he's a traitor to our country along with the Clinton's and the Obama administration. It doesn't matter if McCain has one foot in the grave or not if he's guilty put both feet in or let him and all others who are guilty finish their time here on earth in prison.

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    Does anyone really give a chit about this possum jawed worm McCain?

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    John McCain, RINO, is a piece of SH(((T. Hopefully he'll die from his brain cancer. Good riddance jerk-weed.

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    He should have been put in jail many years ago. He is a new world order guy who hates America

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    I wish macain goes out to the desert never to be heard

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    Hang This TURD Before the TUMOR KILLS HIM!!! Oh Wait, That's what I've been PRAYING For!!! Come TUMOR—KILL THIS FUK HEAD TRAITOR TONIGHT for God & Country's Sake!!! JMHO Lop Jaw Mc!!! JMHO…GBTC&TP…Amen

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    maybe Mccain you just need to cpme clean with USAand God or just go ahead and die

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    maybe Mccain you just need to cpme clean with USAand God or just go ahead and die

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    Mccain will go to his grave having a sore spot for never having been elected as President of the US   Sad

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    Burn him in hell where he belongs

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    ALREADY had a Songbird-Shit Reputation and he has been totally fighting his Commander In Chief because of mccains' hatred and humiliations from the GOP primary. mccain will not give it up' and continues to vote against helping our country/assisting the President become safer and stronger. He ACTS LIKE A TOTAL LIBTARD AND has been VOTING DEMOCRAT!!! mccain must RETIRE and allow a good American to take his position to help the United States of America prosper. No more ADMIRAL favorites!!!

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    that's good ..I used too respect him but no longer he is a trader

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    USA potus Trump Latinos Chicano Hispanic zuit suites mahecanos support USA potus Trump. yes

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    Mcaine is a dick sucker

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    Told u put excution on mcaine…scumbag

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    Here's another one who gets caught doing something again nothing Will happen to McCain

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    . ..disgraced, this prolific war mongrel stood to gain hundreds of millions during his chronic rape of of policy, pay to play, abuses of power and trust. ..defense contracts filtered thru his sticky fingers where Raytheon 'earned and owned' the proverbial key to his secret suite. ..he'll be the next to fall. ..

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    When McCain passes away. I'm going to pop the champagne

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    McCain should be ousted and tried for treason. He is an ALT LEFTIST COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST TRADER, apparently working for the dems and Russia.

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    McCain’s a traitor!

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    Mccain is one low low piece of shit. How many Americans did he kill on that ship, hero my ass. And the people in his home state kept voteing him in morons.

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    John SongBird McCain. FuckHead…………

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    Central casting couldn't do than better than John McWarmonger as the crypt keeper.

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    McCain killed more American soldiers than viet cong.

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    Treasonous bastard He needs to be arrested ASAP and put behind bars what the hell are we waiting for 🙏🎚👍🇺🇸😎

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    This dude was brainwashed when he was a prisoner of war, And absolutely should not be in government.

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    McCain is a POS

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    Lump jawed dinosaur armed look n pussy!!

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    Is he dead yet?

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    The Clintons, the Obamas and McCain all need to be in Prison for TREASON which is punishable by death!!! SO WHAT IS THE HOLDUP???

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    Mccain is a traitor and a Rino to the American people and he needs to go to prison along with these Demorats and undermining​ President Trump his agenda to MAGA!!!

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    Chances are McCain isn't the only Republican who took a payoff… Just look at the Republican Trump bashers, or the Republicans dragging their feet on prosecuting the real criminals.

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    I know this is horrid, but maybe call it Cancergate?

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    McCain has been a Communist ever since he was in the Hanoi and was known as the Song Bird.

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    When guilty, make accusations

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    hope McCain spends his last days in the up most agony! he is truly a fuck up human being !!!!!

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    If John McCain didn't already have one foot in the grave and the other covered in shit, I'd say we aught to take him out back and beat the shit out of him, then let the hogs eat him. As it is, he'll be in hell soon, but not soon enough.

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