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NFL Execs In FULL PANIC Mode To Save League – Look What They’re Doing NOW To Forestall TOTAL Collapse

Prime Tales At the moment – NFL Execs In FULL PANIC Mode To Save League – Look What They’re Doing NOW To Forestall TOTAL Collapse ⭐ Please Donate …


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    ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel:
    NFL: It’s OVER! Every Single NFL Kneeler Just Woke To WORST News Of Their Careers – They Look RIDICULOUS:
    NFL Player Runs Onto Field During Flag Ceremony And SHOCKS Entire Stadium With What He Did To Soldier:
    NFL: Patriots QB Just Pissed Off His Entire Team With What He Did Before Game While Players Were Protesting:
    NFL: Entire Broncos Team Just Woke To WORST News Of The Season After They Didn’t Listen – Too Late Now:
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell press conference on National Anthem controversy:
    After Getting BAD News Overnight, NFL Commish Just Emerged From 3Hr Meeting With SHOCK Announcement:
    NFL: 48Hrs After Furious Jag Fan Flew Scathing Message Over Players’ Protest, Look What Happened To Him.:
    NFL: Kneeling Jaguar & Rams Players HORRIFIED By What They See Overhead During Nasty Anthem Protest. :
    JUST IN: FBI Just Confirmed Comey Is GUILTY After Damning Admission He Made About Hillary:
    NFL: 49ers Change Up National Anthem Protest, Fans Give Perfect Response.:

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    If these ungrateful idiots gave me a free ticket I would rip it up in front of them

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    I don’t watch anymore and I don’t miss it the least!

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    Goodell MUST GO !!!!!

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    Are they kidding? Oversaturation? How stupid can grown people be. I think almost anyone can tell them what the problem is. They are allowing Thugs to do what they want to and allow them to disrespect our country!

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    Too little, too late! Just go home and cry a little.

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    This is not the problem it is the Boycott.

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    Brain washed their puppet master tell them to jump they jump tell them to kneel they kneel its sad they losing so much because of this protest just orchestrated by the illuminate Jesus have a back bone just like Steve Harvey going back on his word cause of this bullying an Mary Mary an some chick man u better learn how to stand ur grounds this is where u see who will stand for what's right an how many will kneel an suck dick be a bobblehead to support a lie what if Martin Luther King took a knee an went against what he knew was right crying an changing ur truth cause of pressure from the devil we sit back an watch cause we know who is really a warrior an who is a pussy so when GOD continue to destroy the devil an all his angels u going too. I stand by mines I do t give a damn TRUMP is my President the best ever I'm so proud to be an AMERICAN I could cry we will change this world HOMIE 😉

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    I want ever watch NFL ever again now the kids being disrespectful to our country cause of this I hope they fall fans proving a point this our country go work at mcdonalds you don't like making millions in this great country

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    There's not to much football, people are getting tired of the lack of respect from the players.

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    Good luck traitors and racists!

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    Just watched the Greatest Baseball Game of all time World Series Game 5 Houston Astros 13 LA Dodgers 12

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    Good I could care less if there is over paid cry babies disrespecting the country they were raised in.

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    LMAO! When ever any Business folds-the workers or players will always be the last ones to know! Most of these owners will want to sell all the tickets they can before they call it quits! Of course they will get their lawyers to make sure they come out with the lest money lost

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    If they cut the number of games by 44%, they should cut all of their players pay by the same amount. Let's see how these over paid jerks like getting paid 1/2 of what they use to get. All because they took a knee and pissed off the people that paid their salary.

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    I've been an NFL junkie for years! We actually have a role reversal on sports in our house. Hubby couldn't care less but I'm an avid fan. However, I've hardly watched an NFL game this year due to all of the protests by the players. I've cancelled my tickets, haven't purchased any of the new team gear, nothing! Why? B/c of these players that continue to disrespect our flag, our anthem and our country. I've actually moved over to watching college ball and that's where I'm going to stay until the NFL grows a pair of balls. Let the players go "social justice warrior" on their own time. Until then, my time is now my time again!

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    eff the nfl

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    I hope their ratings keep falling and the players big checks are no more. They are paid way to much anyway for playing a game and also take it for granted. I hope it's goodbye to the NFL

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    It would be great if all veterans, active duty military and first responders and all fans that might be left boycott all games on Veterans day and the Super Bowl. And sponsors too.

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    😂 money talks, bullshit walks

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    Nfl is dead to me

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    I cancelled the NFL channel. BOYCOTT THE NFL!

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    Go NFL protestor's ! Good job ! , you're destroying the NFL at an ever increasing pace with your kneeling and black power fist salute , at this rate , we will see stadiums ninety percent empty and few advertiser's left as they stumble to the end of an inglorious season . BOYCOTT the NFL and all of Hollywood too .

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    Boycott boycott boycott boycott boycott boycott boycott keep the flag anthem screw the racist not for long liberals and sponcers they suck a little pay back for disrespect of this nation I hope they loses more billions

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    The players kneeling will never back down, and as fans we also need to never back down. The players will start to lose money, and then they'll get, but until that happens they will think what they are doing is totally ok.

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    I don't watch NFL because of the anthem protests. Pretty simple.

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    Over saturation has nothing to do with the loss of viewers. It’s the idiotic attitude of your nfl players. You will see an increase in ncaa. I guarantee it. If you report a decrease in ncaa your lying. .

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    Black people hate COPS, and they blame cops for every arrest that's madE. Blacks refuse to admit that any black PUNK deserves to get shot by police when they resist arrest, and then make up BS stories to accuse cops of false "brutality". Blacks are STILL claiming Trayvon Martin was "unarmed and innocent", when he was actually beating George Zimmerman to a pulp, and got shot in self defense. Total BS that the black community uses to avoid taking responsibility for its crimes, and then the black dumbass NFL players JOIN their lie with their BS protests

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    Over saturated? nah, just OVER!

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    Kneeling is not "Freedom of Speech"! They work for a company that can fire them for not obeying instructions! The 1st amendment is for the government, not Business's! The business owner's can fire player's for anything that they feel is wrong according to the business owner! It is that simply! It has always been the business owner's responsibility!

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    ABSOLUTE BULL SHIT!!! Why you lying like this? Who you work for?

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    Shut the shit league down. Pro sports are for small dicked girly boys. After all why would a grown man want to watch other men in skin tight girly pants.

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    Just because of one player, Colin Kapernick, a racist !!!

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    There's there's ways to protest, like outside the stadium hours before the game face to face in front of your fans, see what you gain. NOT IN FRONT OF OUR FLAG.

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    These guys are scrambling with excuses and still wrong…hahahahaha (grabbing popcorn)

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    No players in the NFL represent me anyway so I don't waste my time watching other people's sports.

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    Get rid of toxic NFL and NBA are not America no MVP and Hall of frame 2016 and 2017 for them
    Bring new America college kids to join NFL and NBA next year

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    These jackasses need a big pay cut they're just playing a game our service members are risking there lives, and these pricks are disrespecting them.

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    I'm never watching any pro football again. The damage is done.

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    NFL has to clean out the black power racists or its done

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    The only crybabies are the people who boycott!

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    This is a joke! A bunch of B.S. NFL will never die.

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    Respect the America ands its anthem or loose faviour with your grass root sponcers THE PEOPLE!! Down hill all the way!!

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    boycott keep it up it,s time for a new game and not nfl

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