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NFL: Houston Texans Simply Revealed Their DISGUSTING Recreation Day Plan As Large ‘F You’ To White Proprietor

Prime Tales At the moment – NFL: Houston Texans Simply Revealed Their DISGUSTING Recreation Day Plan As Big ‘F You’ To White Proprietor ⭐ Please Donate & Help This …


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    Cancel the season.

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    You must remember you are dealing with children in adult bodies.

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    PUSSIES PUSSIES , that's what these inmates are!

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    They don't like then fkn try the old white men!!!

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    Boycott the NFL until these racist hateful players are fired !!!

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    So let me guess every week will be seeing protests from these spoiled hood rats. The NFL has lost their Moral Compass and they can shove it along with there advertised products. Ain't buying shit from any company that runs any commercials.

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    I wanted to let the NFL and the NFL sponsors know how disappointed I am in their stance to the very unpatriotic demonstration of NFL players and their teams. Your public response is that you do not necessarily share their feelings, but support their right to do this protest. To me this may as well be interrupted at saying, go ahead and do whatever, we will go along with it. So I am beginning a campaign of protest myself and will be refusing to use your products as long as you sponsor any NFL event. I am not going to support any NFL event or NFL merchandise until these idiot demonstrations stop. And this means that players will not be allowed to stay in the locker room during the national anthem, but stand on the field, holding helmets in hand, or hands over their hearts. I plan on spreading this personal protest movement on any of the social media avenues that are available to me, after all I have a right to my opinion as well.

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    What a surprise, this bunch of low life, lying, crawling parasites lost their game after running their mouths about their club owner, too bad, too sad. There is no doubt that the majority of these animals would be in prison if it wasn't for their ability to play football. Therefore, the owner was 100 % correct when he called them a bunch of inmates.

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    The fans that are still going to the games MUST have voted for Obama, GO TRUMP!

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    If your so mad why didnt u go to college?
    CNN always talks about #uneducatedwhites
    Its no ones fault but your own. Let go of the anger. Its no ones fault you drive a pice of shit car and u dont live where u want to. You voted for Trump hoping he would help u but he lied! Trick or treat!

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    So happy when white guys are mad lol

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    Good for them.

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    All this rage against owner and ESPN going after owner and this " team unity" talk goes on and on but Houston lost didn't t they? This crap does go straight to the locker room. NFL is slowly going to become a fleeting memory sooner than later. Players are so racist that they have put their future in ruin. The sad part is many of these players are not educated enough to start or run or get a professional job.

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    Grown man acting like kindergardens they oughta be ashamed of theirselves it was really funny I mean he called it like it was supposed to let the inmates run or national football games or the national league are you crazy or what you guys are paid to play football get out of politics you're not discriminate against you're making more money than me

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    Boycott the Anti-American Racist NFL!! Boycott their Sponsors NFL Sponsors List 2017: Anheuser-Busch, Barclaycard US, Bose, Bridgestone. Campbell’s Soup Company, Castrol, Courtyard Marriott, Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60), Dannon, Extreme Networks, FedEx, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Hyundai Motor America, Mars Snackfood, Microsoft, Nationwide, News America, Papa John’s, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Quaker, Verizon, Visa, USAA. Don't forget to boycott Flying J and Pilot fuels as it is owned by one of the Team owners who supports the Kneelers. No more tax dollars for the NFL ever again!!Boycott the Racist Anti-American NFL!! I hope they all walk out! Pull all tax payer money from the Anti-American NFL!! No more tax dollars for these Anti-American Scum Bags!!

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    Play balls you clowns.

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    Goodell needs to go. Boycott the NFL.

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    Blacks hate America
    so move to Cuba

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    Go to HELL, NFL! Boycott, boycott, Boycott!!! If they are offended by a minor remark like that especially given the circumstances, they are big babies !!! Get him a safe space and a pacifier and fire his ass!!!!

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    I'm just happy they lost. Amen…
    The NFL boycott continues.

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    Why apologize? It's the truth! Fire all of the kneeler, they can get in the soup line when their contracts run out.
    Let them all walk out, who cares?

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    Espn is part of all the problems we see today. They most be controlled by cnn

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    And there goes an entire team

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    Who cares?

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    Just a suggestion for an NFL sponsored PSA: Women, black women in particular, stop having children out of wedlock. Children need to live with their fathers.

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    Boycotting NFL No Fan League my allegiance to my flag not 🇺🇸 not NFL

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    What a bunch of children who want a safe place.

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    Hey guys. I love ypur channel. But please quit saying the same thing over and over again about the protest. You have a two minute intro saying the same thing on every video. I agree with this channels position on the protest but if ypu keep saying the same thing over and over it will become please Get to the story you project in the title instead of giving the background on the protest in each video. We all know it by now. Sorry if this sounds a bit rude. Not trying to be rude. Its just real frustrating having to wait on each video till about half way is when ypu actually talk about the headline. Love what you do. God bless and Jesus saves

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    Stand back & watch the Lord work! Just like the 'Ten Plagues' in the book of Exodus. God is spewing out the evil in America. All who are corrupt take notice. PTL

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    Who’s running the show here? The owners or the workers?

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    Who cares? Monday October 30 will be the day America will truly see who the inmates will be

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    that comment was DEAD ON. these low IQ entitled felons certainly would know that word because half of them have been criminally charged with real crimes. these ppl are being led by the liberal globalists. too bad, can't fix stupid.

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    Most of the NFL players have been an inmate before, some several times although the owners comment didn't have anything to do with inmates or prisons. I can't believe grown men didn't understand this figure of speech other than choosing to act like he don't understand just to cause more controversy . So for all of you that really don't know what he meant here it goes.
    { As owners we can't have our employees calling the shots for us. We pay them mega bucks to follow our rules if they want to work for us. Simple, simple, simple

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    They have NO right to protest their political opinions on my time!!! Fire all of these little boys that think their so importat!!! PFFFFFFT!!!! there are so many men that would love their jobs…i know if I acted like these idiots at my job, I'd be replaced.. and rightly so!!!!

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    That’s his first mistake he apologized

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    NFL is done.

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