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NFL: The Superior Factor Occurring To Ungrateful NFL Gamers Who “Take a Knee” Throughout The Anthem.

Prime Tales At this time – NFL: The Superior Factor Occurring To Ungrateful NFL Gamers Who “Take a Knee” Throughout The Anthem. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This …


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    ⭐ Please Donate & Support This Channel:
    Only MLB Player To Take A Knee ARRESTED After What He Did To Trump Supporting Waiter. :
    NFL: Jerry Jones Keeps Promise, Fires Player Who Protest Anthem.:
    NFL: It’s OVER! Every Single NFL Kneeler Just Woke To WORST News Of Their Careers – They Look RIDICULOUS:
    NFL Player Runs Onto Field During Flag Ceremony And SHOCKS Entire Stadium With What He Did To Soldier:
    NFL: Patriots QB Just Pissed Off His Entire Team With What He Did Before Game While Players Were Protesting:
    NFL: Entire Broncos Team Just Woke To WORST News Of The Season After They Didn’t Listen – Too Late Now:
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell press conference on National Anthem controversy:
    After Getting BAD News Overnight, NFL Commish Just Emerged From 3Hr Meeting With SHOCK Announcement:
    NFL: 48Hrs After Furious Jag Fan Flew Scathing Message Over Players’ Protest, Look What Happened To Him.:
    NFL: Kneeling Jaguar & Rams Players HORRIFIED By What They See Overhead During Nasty Anthem Protest. :

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    We need "meaningful workers" like AIR CONTROLLERS, well RONALD REAGAN FIRED 11,000 of them. Jerry JONES, The OXEN, CAN'T fire a bunch of BALLKICKERS

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    I wish people understood why Colin took a knee #standbycolin #andimavet

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    Are you NFL Stupids where are your protest Obama, Hillary destroying America Squandering Trillions of Dollars gone missing now becomes your Debts. The situation now is Money lost, massive Budget cuts.You must Protest in front of who Squander your money, what is Congress & Senate doing not inprison Traitors of this Country, now they have disappeared. Now where is your Protest now !!!

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    MO thugs now showing communist protests in the NFL. Obama is laughing somewhere.

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    that's too bad the black players have no brains of their own and they have to feed off a Kaepernick. y'all deserve to be back on the streets in the ghetto

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    Here is a list of NFL Sponsors to STOP buying from.

    Barclaycard US
    Campbell's Soup Company
    Courtyard Marriott
    Dairy Management, Inc.
    Extreme Networks
    Hyundai Motor America
    Mars Snackfood
    News America
    Papa John's
    Procter & Gamble

    Paste this list to other pages. They shut off my accounts after about an hour after posting it. Gone through 3 now. The NFL can kneel down and suck a dick.

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    I hope the salary cap goes down instead of up!

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    For disrespecting our flag and the one million soldiers who died defending it, President Trump should order all military participation in NFL games be ended as of Veterans Day. No color guard, no soldiers on the field, no air force fly overs, no military presence of any kind be permitted. These unpatriotic ingrates, who never served our country need to learn the hard way the consequences of their actions. You do not dishonor the sacrifices of all those who served in any way. The country is more important than you, especially our brave veterans who have come back from war with terrible injuries.
    Veteran of the Viet Nam War

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    This is simply blacks against America, Obama encouraged this every day for 8 years..

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    These tickets are sold in advance. Let's see what happens next year.

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    bennet and capernick are not wearing typical American garb. not that it is a bid deal. wear what you want. but the shirts suggest a loyalty to another culture.

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    Jerry Jones is a two-faced biggest jerk!! He's trying to step up now because he's losing his precious god—money. Even if they ALL stand for the anthem/flag now, it will be meaningless, because it will all be for money–not the right reason to stand,huh?

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    Stupid spoiled athletes deserve the backlash they are getting. Oh well

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    There are more talented kids out there who will respect America and wanted to play. Let the losers leave, I mean, Left.

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    I'm surprised the Steelers played the Ravens at Lambeau field given that that stadium is in Green Bay.

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    Country-wide protest on Sunday, Nov. 12th planned against the NFL and their sponsors to show them that We, The People have had enough of their disrespect for our Armed Service members and OUR COUNTRY! **MAGA**

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    The NFL needs to go out of buisness. Why people are still watching these games is beyond me. It is a game and the players make more money in an hour than most Americans make in 6 months. Yet they feel they are slaves. Boycott NFL.

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    If you kneel you should die… or move out of the country… you chose. Keep politics out of sport faggots!

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    The nfl is a dead turkey. Dead by Thanksgiving. Dead by Christmas.

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    It don't matter to me since I don't watch football anymore. I also don't buy Ford, Verizon, Kraft, Budweiser, Papa John's or any other NFL advertisers products. I hope these Millionaire Wife Beaters & dead beat Dads are good at another sport when teams can't afford to pay them for disrespecting the Flag & all the men & women who died for it. The NYPD stopped using sirens and started playing the National Anthem so Perpetrators would stop and take a knee making capture much easier.

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    WTF…Me I am a asian … and dont wanna be sound racist and i am not a racist… this so called protest or lets say a revolution …. but no one even care or show some curiosity
    to know or see does this so called protest have eye legs or roght brain to to lead us to right direction…????? Really being a small body asian wanna wake you all big black giants before its too late …. just turn your head and think 1 more time i think you will guys may have just see 1 1/2 black 1/2 white guy … smilling and dancing with white chicks bling bling and carring black cheques may be more than 100Mil …. just 1 Crroock CoLlin Cappernik make fool whole NFL giants…. see he have every thing and the rest NFL Players just got each 2 balls to play evey night …. look he is even in a black history museum…. and still these NFL giants walking like theres no turning back …. as a brother as a fan please try to choose right dierection…. thick crook collin kick him out ….!!! he is the real rat… before he desttoy NFL

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    That's what lazy people do, take a knee instead of volunteering in their respective communities. Or get arrested or beat their spouse.

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    This still isn't enough. I think the owners will give into these ungrateful thugs. I am done.

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    why does this dude sound like robot

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    Wearing a dashiki is so gag making.

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    I am amused by the "oppressed" NFL players who graduated from college only because they were athletesmajoring in underwater basket weaving.  There is a way, however, that they can convince the public thatthey are sincere about their social concerns for African americans.  One, stop taking your paycheck fromthe whitey team owners.  Two, drop your white girlfriends…their ancestors were probably slave owners.                       Three, forget living in elite white neighborhoods; go live in the hood if you are feeling like Moses.Methinks you gentlemen who play in the NFL players and take a knee have been hit on the side of the head           too many times.

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    Get out of my country if you don't respect my flag get out of my country the more these guys get on their knees the more that I stopped wanting to watch football I don't watch football now

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