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Obama Suffers Complete Meltdown Over What Veterans Gave Trump On Stay TV.

Prime Tales In the present day – Obama Suffers Complete Meltdown Over What Veterans Gave Trump On Reside TV. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    Trump rocks! Thank you Mr. President!!

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    Made by repugnant's propaganda machine trump is a fuckin idiot so are team people who made this piece of shit video

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    The next black Islamic loving America hating anti-white racist president that will try to get in the office to destroy our country like Obama did will be met with deadly force to it’s voters and it’s socialist regime we will never let this happen again Obama is the antichrist scum we were warned about it every Bible prophecy

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    Trump still sucks.

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    Trump will do anything to get people to sick his dick😂

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    Everyone in the military deserve a raise.

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    Obama acted very strange around our military. You can tell trump really cares just as all commanders in chief should.

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    Trump sup

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    Beautiful video! God bless President Trump!

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    obama who???

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    We owe everything to our veterans thank you grandpa tank commander Korean war .

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    Obama treated servicemen like shit

  13.  avatar

    Like trumps any better

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    You are absolutely right when you said Husain Obama. 😂👍

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    One of the best. Proud of the veteran Proud of the President

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    I saw the ugly side of the Obama administration when I served. I was SO PISSED.

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    Trump has no respect for anybody he’s just a glory hound this guy is a trump lover trump hasn’t donated a penny to our veterans

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    The Right Wing is always better than the Left Wing.

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    Trump should issue an executive order awarding veterans earned medical food vehicles. If you are a elderly vet just show your ID and services are granted. If billions are spent on foreign aid to country the vets fought then shurly the vet deserve some of the money. Thank You For Your Service To This Great Nation would have benefits and meaning not just a cliche. Shalom.

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    Well this man isn’t a liberal for sure

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    Best President! He's a man, not a politician that only feeds us their lies! He says what he thinks and does what he says! Thank you Mr. President.

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    It would add credence to the story if you could properly read the script.

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    Trump loves the military so much that he dodged the draft multiple times.

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    Lol ask the military who they prefer I promise over 70% of them will say Obama xD trumps a total dumb ass.

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