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Philosophy in Comedy: It is All the time Sunny in Philadelphia

This weeks video examines the parallels between FX TV comedy It is All the time Sunny In Philadelphia and concepts from two well-known german philosophers, Friedrich …


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    that fact that i learned more in this video then a whole semester in college

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    the title of this video feels like ordering a big mac but getting a whopper instead, unexpected yet I still like it

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    eh honesty isn't always truth man, I mean if something works then stick with it…
    I don't claim to know anything other than acting in an entirely selfish way is damaging.
    fuck it

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    Reason will prevail!

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    satanic sons of bitches

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    Always Sunny is basically Friends that wasn't ruined by attempting to give the characters any redeeming qualities.

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    stupid science bitch. just play the clips

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    greatest show in history.

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    I was kinda disappointed when I realised that this isn't made by Wisecrack.

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    love these vids please keep doing them

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    your chanels so amazing all your vids. ive watched this one 6 times!

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    Nice video. I think that it's funny to see so many people that like to believe that they have an understanding of philosophy treating it like math where there is a definitive wrong or right answer. "Um, WRONG! This is wrong because X,Y,Z…" It's hilarious.

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    Was that the Rick and Morty forever and ever that Played at the beginning of the video?

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    I thought you were gonna mention when mac disproved science

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    It's amazing that an artist's racist intent can just be overlooked just because of some philosophy bullshit. You say it puts a stark light on reality and human behavior, but guess what? Only white people are unaware that white people are racist as shit. We don't need to see more of that in media. It's boring. Don't even get me started on how these white comedians actively profit off of commonly held racist ideologies.

    I don't give a shit that they're in character. If I rob a bank, I can't blame it on my alter ego. The writers choose to write these deeply racist interactions despite racism being overly public, especially as of late. It's like saying "fire is bad" and then setting someone ablaze just to prove your point.

    Them being comedians doesn't justify their unchecked racism. I mean for fuck's sake, they actively participate in blackface, yellowface, and redface and acting as if doing that is somehow teaching people that these practices are stupid and embarassing. We already know that. They just keep on doing it because it's popular with the commonly racist majority, and makes them feel like they're not responsible to check their own internal racism.

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    great content. please do more philosophy of shows. I love video essays but it is actually pretty sparse to find good quality versions of philosophical & psychological analysis of great qualities.
    Community, Nathan for you, F is for family, Peep Show, Black Books, Arrested Development.
    There are tonnes of great ones. but im trying to think of ones that might get less attention.
    Whatever you like really. But comedy with bigger themes below the surface.
    Though it would still be awesome to get you unique take on ig ones like Simpsons, Rick & morty, futurama, Seinfield etc.
    Please forgive my enlgish. Im from Australia. 😀

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    you did not just use a James Baldwin quote denouncing the dehumanization involved in racism to support your argument for why the Gang shouldn't be called immoral.

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    what is that paper early in the vid?

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    This video made me happy

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    That was a beautiful analysis

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    This show has lasted as long as it has because the majority of people are fucking idiots, easily entertained by an alcoholic loser with a sophomoric sense of humor. This is America as seen by everyone else.

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    Dude, you have most of the points right, but we CAN call them degenerative assholes. If everyone acted like them, this wouldn't be funny. You lost me with the conclusion, way off the mark.

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    Reddit comments are so much better…

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    Brilliant video! My favorite show with philosophy mixed in, great combination!

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    this was great!

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    Nice Randy Newman tribute at the end.

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    "calling the morally reprehensible and psychologically disturbed degenerates seems unfair to me."

    ok bro you are trying way too hard. check yourself!

    cool video though

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    Rick and morty tackles this better

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    Awesome video. I had never really thought about an overall theme for the show, but you got it spot on and in the process explained to me why it is I love the show so damn much. It's a lot more than just running gay jokes, picking on Charlie and Dee, and low brow humor.

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    cool editing and music, seamless transitions and cuts and you have a soothing voice, great video essay I'm definitely subscribing

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    Anyone from reddit?

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    I get the sense that these characters, in more than a few ways, act as a modern day darker reflection of the much lighter John Falstaff that Shakespeare brought to life. Abstaining from any honor or moral code so that they/he can have fun and just play around. The Fat Knight could be the original inspiration for the triumvirate of Dennis, Mack and Charlie.

    Frank is the unbridled wet dream of Ayn Rand. Capitalism in top gear. A metastasized tumor of a system hosting real live people by periodically being there for them in the catastrophic cases, so they can never remove him completely.

    And Dee is the most interesting character. I feel she resembles an honest representation of how an ordinary person tries to reconsile these horrifically counter-intuitive points and fails. She wants something better and more coherent, but she has no idea what that would be, and so she ends up in the spiral of existentialist inertia hoping for an outside force (often a man) to change her trajectory towards an usatisfied life. She cannot herself commit to change without direction.

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