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Racist Previous Woman RANT Will Shock You | What’s Trending Now

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An aged lady went on a racist rant towards a latino lady at a JCPenney’s in Louisville Kentucky whereas ready in line.

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  1.  avatar

    Hahaha Amercia dont belame to white European ppl who immagrated long time ago….latin ppl are more of native back ground then any white….Amercian land is actually belong to the natives ….someone plz punch the shit out of this women….and teach her a lesson of Amercian history and world history …also beat her

  2.  avatar

    Dumb ass old lady

  3.  avatar

    Why wasn't she just escorted out by Security and barred from ever shopping there again?

  4.  avatar

    You kept on taking . I was trying to listen to the whole video. What's the point

  5.  avatar

    another racist Donald Trump supporter

  6.  avatar


  7.  avatar

    I'm 62 and I would have made this bitch cry!

  8.  avatar

    I am on the old lady side🎸

  9.  avatar

    some one needs to beat her racist ass in  then tell her to leave the  store  and never come back

  10.  avatar

    You have no right to talk to them like these you piece of SHIT

  11.  avatar

    what do you expect from these dumb inbred white Folk's 😂

  12.  avatar

    Was this woman ever identified?

  13.  avatar

    Why record her & give her publicity & attention?  People are going to forget about all this in a few mos. anyways.

  14.  avatar

    Typical right wing uneducated gun toting Hillbilly very
    poor white trailer trash.A typical Trump Supporter..

  15.  avatar

    Yes it's shameful, but where are the people to stand up for the one being harassed. Why aren't we standing up? Easy to stand back and take a video that goes viral on Facebook. Why aren't those people on line standing up for the customer. Easy to comment on the battle, who will enter the war?

  16.  avatar

    JCPenny's in Kentucky. This should be their official promo video

  17.  avatar

    The lady was correct in everything she said.

  18.  avatar

    just wait until we lose our country! When your enslaved, Then what? You'd better think long & hard about all the BS your. saying! I thank God for President Trump! He'll help to bring atleast some sanity bk to our country!

  19.  avatar

    Conventionally, Chinese invented gunpowder in 19th century. But their use was confined to firecrackers only. Robert Bacon is also known to be the inventor of gunpowder according to a theory. He is supposedly said to have found its recipe among the chemical formulas. . And Arabs are known to be inventors of earliest cannon named madfaa. This cannon was a wooden bowl with gunpowder in it and cannonball was made to stand on bowl’s rim.
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  20.  avatar


  21.  avatar

    The older generations are pure racist and believe their statements because they grew up with it. My generation makes racist jokes and stereotypes and starts to believe it themselves. Maybe when everyone who's on earth right now dies the never generation will not even know what racism is….. jk people are cruel.

  22.  avatar

    this kind of lady should be banned in most of the public places including toilets.

  23.  avatar

    its sad i cant say anything bad no matter what race or color you are becuase im not built that way god dont like ugly .. get it together ppl !!!

  24.  avatar

    pure jealousie compared the 2. she used racist comment to belittle the other woman. shes just a sad fat ugly tramp whos jealous of another woman

  25.  avatar

    she's like my post before

  26.  avatar

    Let's hope that President Trump wipes out these racist bastards

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