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Reporter Requested Trump About Gun Management, SUDDENLY All Hell Broke Unfastened

Prime Tales Right now – Reporter Requested Trump About Gun Management, SUDDENLY All Hell Broke Unfastened. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    Look at her crazy eyes.

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    Liberal cunt

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    He should have went further and accused the reporter of wanting more dead.

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    it is much harder to kill scores of people with a dessert spoon than with a semi automatic and I have never seen someone request to eat a dessert with a semi automatic -both would take a long time,if still inclined and leave a great deal of mess. They are both designed for a specific purpose. However, I hope you protect my god given right to spoon multi people whenever I like even if you don't agree. Since the PC police I haven't been allowed to heat my coffee with a nuclear weapon as it might offend minorities.

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    Shut her up royaly

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    Does this CUNT on opium not see where tje hell they are at? Is that Texas?

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    Her smile sickens me when she has to resay "buy a gun". Stupid attention whore thinks she doing a good job. Giving her the microphone IS like giving a kid a loaded gun. They should do extreme vetting before they let them approach the president with stupid questions in foreign countries.

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    what a president man,what a president!

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    Hahaha … another Libtard (Liberal Retard) bite the dust : )

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    God bless you Mr President…

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    Dumb bitch

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    Go Trump!

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    awesome TRUMP ! way to take control and stay composed and hit her with real world facts! thumbs up president

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    “The U.S. has no longer a government of Goyim, but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels.” // Maariv (an Israeli newspaper) – September 2, 1994

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    Amen thank you trump

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    I say the stupid WOMEN in america aren't able to think more then Five minutes ahead at any time,IF the women had their way,america would be DISARMED and we'd all have to learn chinese or russian in their prison camps,what few were left to go to the prison camps,THE WOMEN in america aren't happy with their freedom,they want to take it away and LIVE LIKE ANIMALS IN A PRISON camp in some other third world country…AND BE BEATEN AND RAPED EVERYDAY,and see their children killed or their head chopped off ,and there ain't a women in america who's smart enough now to say anything,every time they open their mouth ,THEY PROVE IT TO EVERYONE……….

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    Mr. President you are the first President that we have had in a long time ( a very lone time ). I'm proud that I voted for you. I just want to say thank you for standing up for are gun rights and working so hard on getting the trash out of are government. I know you have been doing so much more also. Thank You. P.S. If you did not run for President I sure would have not voted at all, hell I know I would never have voted for Cintron, hell that's part of the swamp you are draining.

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    Thank you Mr. President Trump, you are the only President that stands up for us. Thank You…………

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    Liberals always look so smug. I love when they get a smack down.

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    see the problem with America and gun laws is that the circulation of guns has been ever constant. Removing or enforcing heavy gun laws will only stop good people from getting guns whilst criminals will always be able to pick one up somewhere. Say you recalled every gun in America, there is literally nothing keeping anyone from stashing away a stockpile of ammo and guns for a later date. Gun laws only work in countries that have little/no gun circulation among the populace, like Australia.

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    The look on her ugly face when she was saying about guns, what every dumb liberal is thinking 24/7 like 7/11. If left heat gun so much they should move to Mexico they have the law that they want look how safe it is over there only corrupt cops that work for cartels have guns and rifles and corrupt military that work for cartels and not last but not least the cartels that run the show in old Mexico.
    SO THERE! Take that leftar!

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    how is the witch hunt going for Donald Trump? anybody listening to CNN anymore? Sasha Obama could be a Russian spy!

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    Try and take this Veterans Guns…. You will Die.

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    Amen president Trump.

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    Our Creator gave us our US Constitution for the rights and privileges of all people in D & C 98 and D & C 101:76-80

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    Quran quote: AL-JATHIYAH (45:17) “And verily, We gave the children of Israel the Book, and sovereignty, and prophethood; and We provided them with good and pure things, and We exalted them over the peoples of the time.”

    Remember Allah is the God of Israel, known by many names or attributes in other languages, all realizing there is One True God.

    Yahushua (Yeshua, Jesus, Isa, etc:
    John 17:3:"And this is life eternal, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (Greek name) whom Thou hast sent." Hebrew Name: Yahushua;. Arabic: Isa; Hindu name: Krshna-Supreme Personality of the Godhead; etc.)

    Quran, Bani Israel 17:3 "And we gave Moses the Book, and made it a guidance for the children of Israel, saying, Take no guardian beside Me."

    Quran, Al-Jumu'ah 62:6: "The likeness of those who were made to bear the law of Torah, but would not bear it, is as the likeness of an ass carrying a load of books. Evil is the likeness of the people who reject the Signs of Allah. And Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

    Our Creator has cross-referenced prophets around the world to bring them to the Bible truths. They are His preferred weapons to end violence.

    All expect our Creator to intervene and save us, but He IS THE WORD OF GOD. It is not the flesh that saves, but the word of God spoken or lifted up for all to see that delivers us; Yahushua-Jesus' blood was shed to wash away our sins, but if we continue to go against the wisdom of God, we have sinned again and are guilty and due punishment until we ask forgiveness and return to His wisdom.

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    The reporter need to give blow job typical bitch liberal. Trump was correct not the time to ask gun topic

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    Good for you president Trump we are so very proud of you. And of course this reporter was way out of order she showed her Bad Manners and she showed her very low intelligence. She needs to be fired

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    Don't over react to make a better heading …

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    We dont have guns in Britain and we have no gun masacres radumly happening in public spaces! Americas sick very sick. Americas public spaces and schools are under siege from these masacres constantly. Trumps is an asswipe who manipulates the lowest braindead rednecks! A fool on parade! EMBARRASSING!

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    She is a Left wing nut job always trying to promote gun confiscation. AMERICA, IF THEY GET YOUR GUNS, THEY WILL TAKE OVER AND ENSLAVE YOU. THAT IS THE AGENDA.

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    If the shooter would have used a vehicle, would we ask for more vehicle control?

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    How dumb are those NBC "reporters"?

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    again. extremely easy to keep honest people from possessing firearms. absolutely impossible to stop criminals from having them.

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    She should take her sill ass a couple hundred miles north and ask that same stupid question….

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    I these smug ass people who talk about shit they know nothing about. She a "Reporter " they are supposed to report factual information…. and how do you get facts?? By doing research.
    Now, if this smart ass reporter would have done her RESEARCH …. then she would know that a background check is all ready in place. And that anyone with a license to carry is heavily vetted.

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    I'm with Trump.

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    Is this a joke? Gun control when you are in Korea. N Korea leader with nukes so ask the reporter should we have gun control on S Korea?

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    She had an agenda, the agenda was herself to be seen on national TV, to bring attention to herself!

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    All these LEFTIST WOMEN have this WIERD look in their eyes – wide open LUNATIC eyes!
    Nancy The Floozy, Hillary Clinton, The reporter here, Rachel Madow,

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    Adolf Hitler, Mao ZeDong, and Joseph Stalin all unanimously believe that gun control works… To completely oppress the population and create a dystopic environment. Do we really want that liberals/socialists/communists?? Oh yeah you're all IDIOTS. Go have a wet dream about being controlled elsewhere.

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    Damn educated commies..i mean liberals are so brain washed and dumb. Chalk it up to the flouride

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    That reporter ran back to her hotel, changed her Adult Depends, cause she shit herself, and cried herself to sleep. Awesome Mr. President for Bitch Slapping that Democrat So called Liberal Cunt Journalist.

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    This Canuck is with President Trump! 🍁

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    OKAY all you Republican Obama haters … have you signed up for the drumpf care plan yet … you know , the one Jimmy Kimmel has been talking about on his show?

    Can everyone see Republicans falling all over themselves to register for Obama Care …Jimmy Kimmel put a drumpf label over the Obama care package … and all the republicans suddenly like it …. the best con job ever done on live TV …. and the stupid republicans fell for it … hook – line – and health care …


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    Kathy Wallace … A K A Eric drumpf … " come get your hug Eric , Father loves you "

    Have you signed up for " drumpf " care yet Kathy " … you know the one that Jimmy Kimmel is promoting on his show > … giggle giggle giggle.
    Boy , you republicans are stupid !

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    this must be one of the fucked up false news channels cause I don't see where all hell broke loose fool…………..

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