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Ronda Rousey’s Dropping Memes! What’s Trending Now!

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Rhonda Rousey misplaced her UFC 207 comeback battle in simply 48 seconds and the Memes are pouring in.

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  1.  avatar

    How the fuck can we read the memes when you dumb ass captions over everything. Fuck I swear some YouTube's are dumb as wood.

  2.  avatar

    She deserves it. All the trash talking she has done–like talking about how she can beat Floyd Mayweather or how she can beat men yet say she would not fight men–and just straight disrespecting her opponents and showing terrible sportsmanship gets her no sympathy from me.

  3.  avatar

    No Ronda is having another fight on friday

  4.  avatar

    This is why people off themselves.

  5.  avatar

    why you had to put your comments on top of the images? fail.

  6.  avatar

    I hate these text only videos and this one is particularly bad due to subtitles being in the way. It actually takes less work to voice it over guys, come on.

  7.  avatar

    wait is amanda nunes born as a man?

  8.  avatar

    relax… im sure the hosts are off for the holidays

  9.  avatar

    Bring back having a host. Not sticking around for reading text. This is zero effort.

  10.  avatar

    where's all the host?

  11.  avatar

    Amanda's a jerk

  12.  avatar

    I hate!…. Sorry dislike, this format! When are thebols format videos coming back??

  13.  avatar

    I miss your old style of videos where you actually gave some effort and recorded yourself infront of a camera and I'm still one of your active subs and I might unsun if we don't have at least one video with a person talking to a camera in it

  14.  avatar


  15.  avatar

    last L OF 2016

  16.  avatar

    I don't like this new way of doing videos. The old way where you actually talk is SOOO much better. I find myself pausing the video to read what is going on AND to read the, in this case, memes. Please go back to the old ways 🙂

  17.  avatar

    I think I'm just gonna… unsub

  18.  avatar

    Can't even read the memes due to your stupid subtitles

  19.  avatar

    That's pretty messed up. She was suicidal after that fight.. guess people are heartless nowadays.

  20.  avatar

    I felt embarrassed for her.

  21.  avatar

    what happened to the half decent videos I used to enjoy watching

  22.  avatar

    Guys this quality for videos are really bad now.

  23.  avatar


  24.  avatar


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