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Shaq’s All Star Comedy Roast 2

Roasting Emmit Smith!


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    Someone should've hit Jamie Foxx in the face with a shovel…oh wait, looks like someone did…

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    Damn RIP Stuart Scott & Dick Gregory .

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    Stop hatin on Fox and learn what a roast is. If you come on a roast and start preaching you deserve to get roasted. There is a time and a place for that the roast isn't it. Fox was the only thing that held that show together.

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    Jamie was epic…u maD or nah

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    Watch Doug Williams comedy career die starting at 55:30 ouch.

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    Jeff Ross had Shaq checking his knuckles

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    I'm just fucking with ya shaq u were great in the green mile 😂😂😂😂

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    Man I wanted Jeff to set fire to Monique ass . someone should have backed him up..

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    Jamie Foxx and Monique don't understand Roasts. Foxx is full on butthurt . not funny

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    @39:40 GUY TORRY!

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    michael colyar was funny asf hands down

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    This shit is hilarious

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    Michael colyar was to funniest

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    This shit was waaaaaaaaack! The best part was Doug Williams being mildewed. I think it should have just been a roast dedicated to Emmitt.

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    RIP Dick Gregory may Allah grant you Paradise InshaAllah

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    Mark Cuban 27:51

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    Jamie Foxx was funny to me, a bit rude to Doug but overall I enjoyed the full clip but I do wish they would have had one mic on at a time for the ADHD folks 😕😟😧😥😵😫😌

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    White boy was the coldest and im black

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    The last time Jamie's hairline looked stable and realistic

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    1 million food stamps was the best and nobody laughed! I lfmao
    That old dude was strait though.

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    Fuck Jamie "hateration" Fox. He fucking sucks

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    jamie & jeff were hilarious. they understand what a roast is.
    Also outstanding set by the legend dick gregory. RIP.

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    I would have punched jamie foxx if he imitate me like that. It was funny but he pushed it

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    JAmie Foxx was on fire.

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    Who. Is. that blonde when they cut away @2:45.. My GOd that's my type right thuur. Crazy hair nd all.

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    I feel bad for Doug Williams. Poor guy. That must have been the most humiliating experience ever. I would have just beat the shit out of Jamie Fox right there on that stage. At least people would have remembered that instead. 55:40

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    Coach wasn't bad

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    All this hating on Jamie Foxx get off his nuts. Of all the comedians up there who successful as Jamie Foxx now? 🤔

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    i need i meelion foodstamps

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    Doug should have prepared some jokes

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