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Teen DIES From Caffeine Overdose | What’s Trending Now!

Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose

A 16 yr previous in South Carolina out of the blue collapsed at college after a sudden coronary heart drawback. Davis Cripe was a traditional, wholesome teenager with no historical past of coronary heart issues. His family and friends say he shunned medicine and alcohol.
Based on the coroner, the teenager died from an overdose of caffeine.


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  1.  avatar

    When i go for a 20 km skate or a bicycle trip of 30  km I Always start with a can of coffee, about 4 cups. I carry an empty milk carton filled with redbull and some red vodka. This is my emergency backup when I'm on the road back home and suddenly I'm without energie. I'm thinking now.. what happened to this guy can also happen to me….

  2.  avatar

    No I dont.

  3.  avatar

    Consuming too much water can kill you too dumb bitch….

  4.  avatar

    Anyone else seen What's Trending videos playing at gas stations recently?

  5.  avatar

    Just saying the obvious but race is a factor in this news.

  6.  avatar

    This is so scary , especially because I always drink coffee and coke everyday, and I'm in the same school as he was

  7.  avatar

    Caffeine effect me like crazy. If I'm not pissing every 2seconds I am getting the shakes

  8.  avatar

    after i drink some Monster, i start feeling chills and heart starts beating fast and I start feeling depressed and anxious, so yea dont drink this shit

  9.  avatar

    why are people still surprised at people passing away from caffeine.
    like its a drug!
    energy drinks are so bad for you, your heart can skip heartbeats and kids who are still developing should not be drinking these drinks.
    I drink 1 coffee a day, I detox for about 2 weeks and I drink water.

  10.  avatar

    Hippie video. I only use natural produ…uughh…

  11.  avatar

    Lemme Guess is Trump Fault this Teen Die?

  12.  avatar

    she seems so happy in this video eventho another familly lost another child

  13.  avatar


  14.  avatar

    she never said exactly how much caffeine it was

  15.  avatar

    How bad is your caffeine addiction?

  16.  avatar


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