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The Greatest Of “Parks and Rec” Bloopers Compilation

Simply a few of my favourite bloopers from Seasons 1-7 of Parks and Recreation. I do know there’s plenty of nice stuff lacking, however I did not need to make this video too …


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  1.  avatar

    In today's climate would Chris Pratt be charged with sexual assault for waving his cock at two women?

  2.  avatar

    Retta throwing her wig to the time capsule is a mood

  3.  avatar

    i love how Terry (Jerry) is always in the background behind a window lol

  4.  avatar

    He broke the computer too?! Jesus… 😂

  5.  avatar

    Does anyone know where I can watch all the bloopers? I can't find em anywhere.

  6.  avatar

    God i miss this show so much 😭😭

  7.  avatar

    Kim Kardashian’s comeback story is the best 😅

  8.  avatar

    Amy's laugh at 2:18 😂

  9.  avatar

    13:18 no its the dimsdale dimmadome

  10.  avatar

    "If you want I can pop this trunk and you can fart on it" fuckin hell 😂

  11.  avatar

    Best blooper i've ever seen!

  12.  avatar

    Damn seeing Louis CK now feels weird

  13.  avatar

    April's mom smack, though

  14.  avatar

    Cumback story I fucking pissed myself and the part where chris explains how he shat himself on camera. "Not a full turd but…"

  15.  avatar

    She eats so much potato that Ron thinks she’s potato America. 😂😂

  16.  avatar

    even champion in the first clip was like "Okay dog that was a good one LOL"

  17.  avatar

    "Sometimes I wipe, and I wipe and I wipe, a hundred times and still poop. Still poop. It's like a marker."

  18.  avatar

    so funny, I peed a little. Thank you. 🙂

  19.  avatar

    hot snakes and bubble gut…fuck i laugh so hard every time

  20.  avatar

    Chris Pratt is amazing

  21.  avatar

    "Not full on, But Enough" Simultaneously the most and least descriptive line

  22.  avatar

    aziz's laugh is my everything

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