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The Finish is Close to… Trump Readies Strike on N.KOREA (WW3)

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    🙏✌🏻❤️ Thank you for the most amazing message, I needed it. May God bless you truly…

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    Please do a video on the most satanic concert ever so teenagers will stay away from there. My friend showed it to me on you tube and it was so scary. I never want to see that video again but I don't think people realize it is going on

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    True, if your ready inside, with the prep inside makes us more wise to hear His voice in how to survive this time. !

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    Brilliant ,thankyou for testifying to the lord ….i agree the time looks short.

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    Thank you for that word brother..

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    Not all drugs are chemical. Once addicted this opiate will destroy as surely as if it were a potent narcotic.

    The dependency of which has the same objective as that of any drug. To enrich the dealer.

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    Hey're absolutely right. God has this all worked out. Think it… Down through the ages, he has used any number of peoples, Armies, individuals and even animals to bring his plans to full bloom. & to bare fruit. What we are seeing today is just another of his plans coming full circle. He intends to bring down Satan, the Ruler if this current Wicked System of Things as brought out in many places in the Bible…Revelations speaks of the fall of the System of Things.. Check outlet book of c=Daniel…Daniel was given sight into our day and he recorded what he say.. The different Kings all playing their role all in order to end this Wicked System of Things and to usher in the Kingdom of Christ here on planet earth… God has always intended to bring mankind back to full perfection…he intends to bring mankind back to life in a perfect world just line Adam & Eve were living before she sinned against God. His plan is fro his Son to rule this world and make it back into an earthly paradise again…just like it was. Knowing all of this, it's still hard to not get involved and try to change things back as they were. To do that is to work against Gods Plan, besides, if it's his plan, there's nothing anyone or any thing can do to change it. All we can do is draw close to him, pray and find out what is expected of us and live accordingly until more is revealed and we are put to the test…the test where we will be expected to follow false Gods and to worship a real Man…the Antichrist Many will not be able to know the difference and will be misled into eternal destruction. Our God is a loving God and his word can't be broken, it's impossible for him to lie…so when he tells us the is going to wipe out this wicked System of Things, we had better not be found in her when Jesus comes in all his glory!

    I've followed you almost 4 years now
    chris& like who you are doing! be careful that you don't wake up dead one fine morning..God has a name…so .Let's all pray for Jehovah's Will to be done and for Jesus Christ to take the throne and his Kingdom to begin… there are extremely hard times ahead.  As written…."for if those days were not cut short, no flesh would remain." Those alive at the time of the coming of Christ will have much to endure…….

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    The current WH is just like the last R WH.

    Zionist Neocons in black Masses. Warlocks and Witches brewing death and destruction?

    No laughing matter.

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    Amen Christopher I thank God I found your channel

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    The only true thing is the first 21 grams. 🙏, Everything that fallows is an illusion. 🌿✌🌿

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    I really like your bible! What version is your bible? NIV, KJ? It has a nice cover! 🕆💞🕆 GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!

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    I have always said " money is not to be worshiped it is a tool"

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    Forever is too long to be without Jesus!… LOVE, is the big bang!… Spinning swirling, still ascending. Like a spiral sea unending…

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    It ain't the it's for ww3

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    Hi Everyone, Tell others on the Net about Jesus here and other Social Sites, Amen…

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    If the lights go out…you wont want to survive. The desperation of men will foster the most horrific sights. Starvation the likes will turn average men into canibals!

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    You are right, the more we give our lives to God, He works through us, and miracles happen. God bless you 💙

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    I hope the end is near. I cannot stand it anymore

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    Kneeling as opposed to undying patriotism to a peace of fabric!?

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    5:46 so you had an epiphany!

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    Im rarely impressed by anyone, but I am with you….I think you are awesome…I have recently accepted God and turned things over to HIM, have recently been relieved by HIM of severe depression and unceasing suicidal ideation…and even just recently read the scripture you cited from JOHN about feedng my sheep and etc. I could write several long paragraphs about it all, but just simply want to tell you that everything you said in this video is the complete unwavering truth, and that I admire you and believe in you and want you to know that you are not only informing people of critical truths and information about world events, but that you are also touching peoples hearts….Keep up the faith and your good works, and may God bless you …

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    thank you

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    Grace=Unmerited favor.the end is nearer.

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    the goo blew up and became a 747.the odds of 8 prophecies in the Bible concerning Jesus coming true are thesame as if put 2 feet of silver dollars in Texas and paint 1 red and

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    I shall continue to serve our lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the reminder of our most important mission. God Bless you brother.

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    Love your work.god first. Always

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    if you're a believer in Jesus Christ as part of the trinity of the God head you're my hi bro…you also need to believe
    in Jesus as your personal Savior and His bodily ressurrection and the Bible as the true Word of God…

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    Amen it so true. I wish more come to God.

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    I got a question for you mr. Green what if North Korea doesn't exist? What if we secretly nuked that place 50 years ago and the Armistice and all the other crap like films of them negotiating with the North Koreans is just television? When is the pictures of Kim and of the generals is on stage 7 in Area 51? You never see anything other than close up pictures of him and his generals and they're all just smiling and waving or there's that one picture of him sitting clearly on a landing on a landing strip at area 51 looking at a NASA made rocket being tested! Sitting on chair by himself watching it be tested I think it's crap, Christopher! I don't think he even exists other than maybe in Hollywood AKA Area 51!

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    beginning of sorrows

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    i will follow to death if it is Gods will i even gave him my familly in dreams and watch death to all of them and i was alone But it is Gods will

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    You get prompting from FATHER IN HEAVEN

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    You're putting your life into a fairy tale, that's what the Bible is. It's nothing but a set of beliefs stolen from an ancient civilization and made it their own. I'm done with this guy.

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    Even if North Korea is attacked that will not lead to WW3

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    See you in heaven Brother.

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    Been a while, Chris since I watched AMTV, I'm back for good now though. I prayed for you.. The LORD Jesus, answers prayers. God bless you Brother in Christ! Serve our Lord, we're all with you.

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    Revelations when the six seal is broken and Jesus the Christ breaks that seal 1/3 of mankind will be wiped off 3 billion people that’s a lot of people also says 1/3 of the trees and grass etc. etc. will be wiped out. Thermo Nuclear war war war 3.

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    I just want you to know how much I re

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    God bless you.

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    The Bible says no man will know the time.

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    Trump better know what hes doing

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    I trust and believe all God doctrine in the Holy Scriptures, that's why I have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. It's been time to get right with God.

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    Boy, who is more mad ?

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    Really citing the bible? Give factual evidence. Preaching "the end is neigh" isn't prophecy, it is obvious but not sure this will "end the world"

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