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The Stage Is Set

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  1.  avatar

    SEPTEMBER 30, 2017!!!!!! GOD APPOINTED ME AS SATAN!!!!!!


  2.  avatar

    Bloodthirsty Diabolical LUCIFERIAN Illuminati Globalist Satanists Fascists are using 🇰🇵North Korea’s Mentally Deranged Fat Boy Rocket Mean 🚀 to burn our world 🌎 completely to keep these Hellish beasts in power

  3.  avatar

    Cmon, you really would not believe it was from NK?

    Who else would it come from? Trump? Stupid take. What folks like you don't understand is, if our government allowed another country to EMP us, other countries would invade us, and there would be no government. So they're gonna put their lives and families at risk too? Cmon now think.

  4.  avatar


  5.  avatar

    The Vegas shooter was the govt. Think about it

  6.  avatar

    Of course they will not stop it. They let 911 happen

  7.  avatar

    Blow up the whole country already. The rising star will kill us all … Wake up u fools

  8.  avatar

    100% WTF happnd to Amarica? Wow man no good

  9.  avatar

    An army individual I know couldn't say much but did say they were being deployed in that direction.

  10.  avatar

    Bunch of damn pussies, be personally ready and stop this fucking retarded fear mongering

  11.  avatar

    Death to America👍👍👍👍 death to the world👍👍👍👍 nobody cares til they go thru it…the world needs to be destroyed too much succa shit goin on here… Everybody loves being oppressed

  12.  avatar

    The enemy is within. But – the cup of iniquity must fill. For the gospel must reach into every nation and will; come hell or high water. Every knee will bow and tongue will confess. These evil ones who deed to create destruction will only do so to become a testimony against themselves. For the LORD, even the LORD will meet them in their seat. And they will know the name of the LORD forever. May the LORD God of Israel be with us – those of us who believe on the name of the Only Begotten Son of the Father. AMEN.

  13.  avatar

    so true brother.

  14.  avatar

    In this buildup to war against North Korea, President Trump is along with America being subjected to a US Pentagon psych-op. And, even if President Trump has been made aware of a false flag attack upon America by the Pentagon, the Generals have lied to President Trump, because in the scheme to win their current world war fought since 9/11 the Generals will insure that the emergency-empowered Ten FEMA Governors put former President Obama back in the Office when the Republic is ended by a Presidential declaration of national emergency by Trump. To accomplish this Great American Crisis, a Megaquake near Los Angeles will be induced, or enhanced from a lower magnitude quake, with buried nuclear devices. Then, after President Trump declares a national emergency under the provisions of the FEMA Continuity of Government Act; which suspends the Constitution and removes Congress and imposes Ten FEMA Governors over the Fifty States; a Dictator Trump will find that his planned war against North Korea will not materialize; and, instead, POTUS OBAMA will be installed for a third term by the Ten FEMA Governors " giving their power and authority" to him with the "power to continue for forty-two months".

    Upon returning to the Office of President, POTUS OBAMA will covertly order a Samson Protocol Strategic Strike with non-nuclear "Hand of God" and "Rods of God" weapons against the governance centers of the planet, eliminating almost every major government; allowing the Pentagon to finally win their war against Russia and China, by having POTUS OBAMA declared a global dictator by the United Nations in the state of lawlessness induced by the "camouflaged" attack, which will appear as a meteor swarm of scores of impacts on the earth. So, in the global crisis, global dictator POTUS OBAMA will order overseas US forces to occupy all the major urban centers on the planet for setting up governance and for creating refugee sanctuaries for the billions displaced by catastrophes; making POTUS OBAMA 'everybody's President' and savior of the world.

  15.  avatar

    Time to go home build your houses upon a rock NOT sand Matthew 24:7 Matthew 25 Revelation 11 Revelation 12 bible study KJV, I love you all. Praying without ceasing Amen Jesus give up power and Authority to say get behind me.Pray without ceasing in Jesus name Amen Linda Lorraine Lechner now hidden in Jesus. I am one of the two last witnesses please pray for my Family. We are praying for you all. God bless you always pray in Jesus name so you are not deceived. Linda Lorraine Hope Shank. No Aliens just demons and fallen angels. Wormwood Brazil Mother of the Sea. October 12,2017 Crater lake Oregon.

  16.  avatar

    I've seen fighter jets flying around where I live, I thought it was quite odd, they were in pairs..very interesting

  17.  avatar

    Tell you what this smells of 1940 all over again north korea keeps America busy whilst Russia invades Europe whilst the U.S has concentrated troops in Korea. It just seems obvious

  18.  avatar

    I sit here listening very interested but what can we do to prevent this nothing

  19.  avatar

    Trump is playing us. Look over here while we're doing this shit over here. I thought Trump was going to be straight and give us back our country but more and more he is no different then the bush, Clinton, obama. I knew it what he was with the Saudis doing that damn sword dance. Only way we are going to save our country is by us the people for us the people. If they wanted to take Kim out they could do it with a drone. We need to stand with the revolution in Nov 2017.! And stop this govt. Now !

  20.  avatar

    The bombers have to dive for the release of bunker busters…

  21.  avatar

    columbus day is on the 9th october……….blessings brother

  22.  avatar

    daboo please contact me asap and leave me a way to get ahold of you asap-

  23.  avatar

    We are not scared of Kimmy or north Korea…they are pussies… period

  24.  avatar

    Hey Dahboo77 I used to like you but you aren't keeping up with truth anymore. Ill fill you in: The earth is flat. There are no satellites or space, just the firmament. Repent and believe in Yeshua the Savior if you haven't already.

  25.  avatar

    This is all distraction, even gun grab talk. They don't want our guns "yet". Need to kill each other in civil war. What they want is to pass a bill for more surveillance, taking all,of privacy and no one says a word while we lose all right to privacy for "security"

  26.  avatar

    When they call for all US citizens to leave South Korea it's time to start worrying.

  27.  avatar

    I agree, there MUST be some Passion for this country and all it's inhabitents!!!! I actually watched a Republican "cower" tonight on the news when questioned by a brilliant person. Wow, ya know? :- (( It is what these Polititians are paid for! (wonder if they just hide so they won't be shot for sharing about the Deep State truths)

  28.  avatar

    So ACTION come on trump lets do this. Shut the US anti comments up

  29.  avatar

    some has the BALLS

  30.  avatar

    DABOO777, Guns will not matter much at all. The Rothschilds armies have weapons provided by DARPA that we have no defense against. All we can do is get prepared.

  31.  avatar

    Watched Kim declare war on the US in a very heated speech. I think if NK does something, they are going to do as much damage as possible at the same time. Maybe they have a few state of the art ICBMs hidden away. Brace for impact, it will be an EMP first on the mainland.

  32.  avatar

    Take the bullet and pray you die first. Jesus is the only way. I would rather be asleep in Christ than to be ruled over by those that think that lucifer is the true god.

  33.  avatar

    It’s like the old show Jericho with a false flag event that blamed NK & Russia interesting

  34.  avatar

    I know what Trump meant by "Calm before the Storm"

  35.  avatar

    RED DAWN. We are Fucked. I have seen Russian, British and Chinese Soldiers here. Everything that is going on is planned just like everything that is going to happen. All the Governments are owned by the Elite Coward Satanist.

  36.  avatar

    watch them become best mates if they reach their goals and get us all under their grimey boot heals.

  37.  avatar

    What do common folk gonna do?

  38.  avatar

    missle test is a diversion for the sheeple.. hydrogen, atom, no matter the source needs water, and each country been bombing the shit out of the oceans.. weather modification in your as. , then earthquakes, shoreline disappearance, storms, ect… seek your inner christ, power is in you , use it to heal this earth, or conditions will get harder or rated l.t.(life threatening). wake up and change your reality..

  39.  avatar

    Hey Daboo …Maybe the X-37B has visited that shinning star. Just a thought l.

  40.  avatar

    Wont Happen

  41.  avatar

    The Rothschild's have already set a date for the end of America. There will be no deviation from that date. Gun control hysteria was created so that more Americans would buy guns, so that when the time comes, you will all kill each other and the powers that be have to do little else. You have to remember that the world plays out according to a kike script..

  42.  avatar

    He makes a fist they make a fist he smiles they smile and the one in the green just looks like a cheerleader. Dame

  43.  avatar

    Bullshit ! No such thing as satelites. DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE !

  44.  avatar

    Dahboo—– keep up the great work! Opening ppls eyes one person at a time, EVERYDAY!!!

  45.  avatar

    Ecclesiastes 9:18King James Version (KJV)
    18 Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good. Kim Jong Un is sinning when he values weapons of war. Kim wants to hurt loving kind hearts. Back off Kim . Love those loving kind hearts .

  46.  avatar

    Goodbye Kimmy you girly boy rocket man mother fucker

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