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This Clinton Mistress Simply Spoke Out – DROPS NUKE SIZED DIRT ON HILLARY.

Prime Tales In the present day – This Clinton Mistress Simply Spoke Out – DROPS NUKE SIZED DIRT ON HILLARY. ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    They are both waste of oxygen

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    By making a mockery of marriage they attack the primary foundation of our nation, the family unit.

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    the Clinton's should be Hang, and be left there for all the world to see, these people are Evil or be Crossafied like Jesus died for Us.

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    To have the Bill and Hillary twisting the wind endlessly until………..lets say 2021 would keep the Dems constantly re-litigating the Clinton Impeachment trial. Over and Over and Over….it would drain the financial resources of the DNC even worse than it is now. So I say lets hope Hillary and Bill remain a throne in the flesh of the DNC and the Democratic Party for years years to come.

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    Yes they need to be shipped to a Desert island with NO chance of ever getting back home, or anywhere off that Island, oh yes, they need to take their demonic daughter, Chelsey with them!!!!

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    Hang them both

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    The President of the Americans is President Trump. Most believers of Jesus Christ can see the deep care of Americans first President Trump is a blessing. Marry Christmas to all Americans and god bless America!

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    wy is she still hanging AROUND lock the bitch up .

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    Hillary for the firing squad

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    They need to end their life in Jail.

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    At least Bill is not GAY

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    Old news…kinda late catching up.

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    I met Hillary on the campaign trail, and NO I did not vote for the bitch, but I CAN attest to her sickening odor. I can't understand how people could shake her hand and even worse, hug her, UGH! Some of her horrid smell was possibly due to her personal hygiene neglect (rumoured), although I believe most of her atrocious stench came fom the evil oozing out from inside of her. You could actually smell her from several feet away. Disgusting!

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    Disappearing from public spotlight needs to be upgraded to disappear from EARTH. That would be the greatest day on ever! President Trump is the best President we've had in decades.

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    This is NOT "Nuke Size Dirt!" THE WHOLE WORLD has known these FACTS about HITLERry & the Clinton$ for DECADES!!! These FACTS go WAY BACK!!! Still… it is SO SATISFYING to re-visit the FACTS & to remind Americans about who "$lick Willy" & this EVIL DEMON-WITCH HITLERry REALLY ARE!!!!!

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    I say why aren’t they in jail.

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    Lock her up

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    I'm still trying to figure out how Bill Clinton became an electoral voter remember on Election Day they're like oh here's Bill Clinton cast his electoral vote how the hell does that happen?

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    Absolutely YES! Both of the Clintons, oops! I meant all three of them need to leave the public eye!

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    Well the news just keeps popping up more and more about Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and yet they're still walking around free with absolutely no justice being served while any other American would have been thrown in jail and the key thrown away decades ago. This is the first time I've heard about her stench but I believe that stench comes from the fact that she is so evil. Will us Americans ever see Justice served and put Hillary bill and Obama Behind Bars for crimes committed against this nation and the people of this nation and the scandals and Corruption and lies that enabled them do hope decisions within our government. If these people are not put in jail during the four years the Republicans have a chance to actually make a difference then we can expect another liberal president when trumps first term as president is over. So get out there Republicans whom we have voted in to get rid of the Liberals and do your jobs!

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    I think both Clinton's belong in prison for their SCAM Clinton Foundation. I wonder why there hasn't been an investigation surrounding "the Clinton Death List?" Are they murderers too? Circumstantial evidence points to that direction.

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    Just make a shorter video and stop repeating yourself

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    It is amazing how many times Hillary has been described as having bad body odor. She must have really bad personal hygiene along with being a psychopath and a liar.


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    This story is stupid. Almost all men having an affair will always say they are unhappy with their partner, their partner is horrible, how much nicer and prettier the adultress is, etc. Why? Just to keep getting the side treats. If this women fell for it, she was stupid. She finally dicovered the truth about her lover when she threatened to write the story. If you ask me, all three are greasy and sleazy.

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    Smelly Hillary. Priceless.

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    When you have money to buy corrupt law it is easy to rewrite history. The news media has a price, the judicial system has a price, the Senate and congressman has a price. If you have the money to buy an own those people in political positions you can rewrite history. You see crime does pay. And just watch the political Circus and see how it's done. You can even be a treasonist of your country and still get away with it. There is no justice in the United States if you are poor.

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    Stop repeating the same story words!

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    It's all going to come to nothing. Even James Comey explained that Hillary is immune from the rule of law but wanted to make sure that everyone understood that when ordinary citizens broke the law that there would be consequences. So, all this talk about Bill and Hillary is just noise. The GOP won't do anything. They can't get their act together long enough to decide that a man can't commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice and then crawl from the White House to Ft Marcy Park without help. Good luck getting someone to snitch on the Clintons in court under oath instead of bad mouthing Trump or grabbing someone's ass.

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    Jerry Brown from Cali has just been acused of pedophilia

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    Every day I'm shocked that Hillary is not in prison.

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    Well this certainly answers a lot of questions.

    Like why Hillary wasn’t a paid advertising spokes-model for FDS.  And probably why Bill wandered.  No one wants to deal with a smelly boogey on any level, which is why there is FDS to begin with.  She didn’t even invest in a douche bag and a bottle of vinegar, for Christ’s sake.  She could have funded the whole operation through the Clinton Foundation and thereby kept all under wraps.  Well, at least the impermeable ones…

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    Ever think why Bill and hillary ever got married? I mean, look at all the women that bill has “had”, dating or other wise. Wonder if bill got into some trouble with any of the young ladies in college, like abuse, pregnant, etc. this is the only reason that would make any sense of them being together in college or after. Come on just look at the difference between hillary and the rest, there has to be a catch, maybe something that she could hangover him to marry her, something that would have put him in prison, something major that she could hold over him. Heck maybe he had a relationship with a guy that couldn’t come out. There has to be something, just saying.

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    Well Bill is slowly moving up. This is his best looking woman so far. Course that isn't saying much.

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    Nothing less than prison!

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