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Tom Fitton Comes Ahead, Exposes Unlawful Factor Obama Did To Set up Hillary As Subsequent President

Prime Tales Right now – Tom Fitton Comes Ahead, Exposes Unlawful Factor Obama Did To Set up Hillary As Subsequent President ⭐ Please Donate & Help This Channel: …


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    Their plans didn't work because they are greedy, and STUPID

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    Yea tom fitton and judicial watch!

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    How can we bring back capital punishment for ‘working with the enemies?

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    FBI Informant Just Exposed What Obama Threatened Him And His Family With If He Ever Leaked His Secret

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    Old Hillary old Hillary you are such a big Lier and Cunt to me. Old Hillary old Hillary, oh what a piece of shit…you have too be! The dam song is stuck in my head!

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    She blackmailed obama and obama blackmailed her the both know each other crimes.

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    Obama is osama

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    This whole party seems corrupt. I never voted for Trump but as I see the Corruptness of the Democratic Party from Obama, Hillary, and the Media and Lynch, Comey and most of that left party. I'm happy Hillary and Obama was not able to lie, steal, spy, rig their way to the presidency this time. With all that was exposed about their cheating , murdering, lying, rigging the vote. I'm shocked they are allowed to walk freely.

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    JAIL TIME,!!

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    Sent both to Iran that they deserve😎👹👹👹

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    Now…put them all un prison!

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    all must go to prison

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    Hang the bitch up Traitor.

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    Hang the traitors

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    Trump supporters, please pray daily for Trump and those who try to help him help this country – for their protection, health, strength, and Divine guidance. Please also pray for whistle blowers and informants. And please pray for revival for America, and the world. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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    Die die die you son of a bitch

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    visit my channel for more news everyday 😍

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    These agencies were never independent…rather oppressive organs of government

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    Hang them high

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    Believe it when I see it

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    Hillary Clinton and BARACK OBAMA has murder to pay for. Treason put them to death. Hang them in front of Americans so we can all see. That will wakeup theses DAMN Democrats

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    I'm glad that these monsters didn't hold power…they all need to jump into a volcano

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    They need to execute them for treason just like the Rosenbergs in the 50s

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    Hillery Obama Comey Mueller Lynch Holder are corrupt evil sadistic and a piece of shit period, they need to be arrested for committing treasonous acts against the American people and locked up at Gitmo till a military court finds them guilty and they face a firing squad

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    I would. Never donate to a robot..never ever and your robot is slipping..

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    Not a doubt

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    I believe it no matter what there's more to it ,take back the money and jail time everyone will to think twice about doing something evil for money and power MFS

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    I hope they all go to prison evil scumbags

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