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Conspiracy Theories

Prime 7 BIZARRE Conspiracy Theories that Will BLOW Your Thoughts

Keep in mind in 2014 when everybody dumped buckets of ice water over one another for charity? That was good wasn’t it? Till you realise that by doing this you’ve got …


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    watching this in 2017 WTF

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    I'm from Paraguay haha

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    i am watching the video from first to previous one and don't like this dude's narration at all. glad the new guy does a much better job!

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    looks like trump won so number 3 was wrong

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    I'm soooo confused I always thought Robin Williams died in 2016

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    That moment when your watching in 2017 and trumps president

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    The Hillary one is true, and they want our guns!!1111!!!!

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    #1 totally makes sense, just look at the liberals trying to make up lies about why trump won

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    but you can get charged and go to jail for conspiracy

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    Yeah thats Rand Paul not Ron Paul. Try and at least get the pictures to go with the words. Its kind of important when telling us about your obviously well researched 'facts'.

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    Republicans will link anything to Obama.

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    Idk what this guys name is but I like him so much more than the other new guy.

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    Fun Fax: The government actually DID infect U.S. citizens before, so the ebola bits not that farfetched. Just throwing that out there.

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    Dude, how many names can you possibly mess up. It is pronounced Roy-ters, it is pronounced Eye-k, it is RAND Paul, not Ron Paul.

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    You must be dumber than dumb if you don't think government would deliberately infect people with deadly disease and say it on YouTube.

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    cause the government never infected people with syphilis

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    nice video

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    Checkout "The Wilt Chamberlain Conspiracy" if your into that kind of thing. 👌🏼

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    #6 is total BS!

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    The world is run by women and jewelry but I'm not into this either

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