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*Attempt Not To Giggle Problem* | Humorous Youngsters Vines Compilation

Model new weekly compilation of the funniest youngsters bloopers, reactions, fails, outtakes, clips and different humorous moments caught on tape! Take a look at Staff Web’s …


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    Thumbnail ?

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    7:53 this baby is the definition of layzness

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    everytime I go to therapy I get mad at my mom always like no no no no no no no

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    1:45 i think i already know the future for this kid

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    добре де травали да има изроди в видеата аз съм бил бебе ама несам бил изрот и помияр и урот

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    WTF 7:05

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    فديتهم شو حلوين

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    I died laughing in 4:58

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    do you want to build a snowman?
    closes door

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    Oh yeah !

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    10:43 what did he say he was in time out for

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    I mean Tampax dose say "breathable under water" and stuff lol

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    so boring and I don't laugh at all

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    I don't laugh at all

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    I agree with my ivy with the first video I hate Let It Go

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    7:19 that was funny but gross

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    4:03 straight in the dick

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    3:20 I thought someone was going to puke

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    1:35 I just Learned something new from a baby

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    0:32 Mom: "hey Christian" "do you want to build a snowman" Christian: "NO!" (closes cabinet door)

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    0:13 ohh yeahh

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    The first child  go to hell

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