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Final Fails Compilation 2016: Half 2 (December 2016) || FailArmy

Half 2 of the our favourite fails of the yr!! When you have a favourite, depart it within the feedback. Need extra fails? Watch the FailArmy vacation film right here!


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    Man I fucking hate the ones where kids fail, kids are so god damn stupid they literally never think about anything, like the girl that fell forward instead of backwards: wtf?! dumbasses…

  2.  avatar

    6:58 the hell happened?

  3.  avatar

    the hair dryer murdered me…
    yes.. i am a psycopath!

  4.  avatar

    A potentially fatal head on collision.. to a chicken wearing shorts… balance has been returned to the force

  5.  avatar

    10:57 SAVE MEH, WHEEL!

  6.  avatar

    My poop is coming

  7.  avatar

    The girl with the ice cream said "I can't tell if I swallowed it or not" and "I feel like I swallowed it"

  8.  avatar

    My poop is coming

  9.  avatar

    13:00 DUMBASS KID

  10.  avatar

    6:08 das in puerto rico my land

  11.  avatar

    the whale was so cool

  12.  avatar

    shit 12:57 that kid is lucky to be alive

  13.  avatar

    Call 911

  14.  avatar

    " Don't break my bed" more like don't break my head

  15.  avatar

    3:40 Hahahaha

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    When you see that Dog take down the drone thats what they use to take down helicopters in call of duty (6:01

  17.  avatar

    CALL 911

  18.  avatar

    4:24 man in green shirt gives teleporting lessons.

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    4:37 link to this video?

  20.  avatar

    WTF?! – 4:00

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    Fuckin retards, dont putt stuff like 2:15, fails should be fun to watch and that girl legitimately busted her body & face and probably got some really serious injuries and that is not fuckin fun ..

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    Super funny except I don't like the serious ones that looks like someone is seriously hurt.

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    Super drôle le contre sens !!! Surtout si les gens sont mort !!! Putain…. à gerber….. 😡😡😡

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    idioot oled

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    no 670

  28.  avatar

    oh no

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    11:30 cant stop laughinggg

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    12:45 that guy's laugh made me laugh SOOOO much!!!! XD

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    9:12 do someone know dealer who selling this drug? i would like to talk to him 🙂

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    4:09 put them pride rainbow colored teeth back in your mouth. ew.

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    Magic trick call 911 got me

  35.  avatar

    14:10 he is sooo stupid

  36.  avatar

    6:52 is BEST part 😉

  37.  avatar

    "Call 911" for what? 😂😂

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