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WARNING! False Flag Alien Invasion 👽

In at this time’s Podcast, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns of a False Flag Alien Invasion. Watch Extra LIVE On Demand!! Be a part of Us: …


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    Here's what although I hadn't thought about this strip tease with the aliens. I think that it is inevitable contact with aliens, but the question is how would the government reveal it to the public in a digestible manner? I knew of the upcoming projects such as James Webb launching in 2018. The telescopes would discover Earth-like planets and start revealing more and more slowly like a high end dime piece girl that is slow to reveal her goodies. After that then the James Webb would find evidence of the planetary composition of one of the planets even if the Government knew of the aliens already. Then I would think the next logical step would be a communication, a ship, and then the main event; 2020. The epic nature of the numerical symmetry of 2020 foresight and not hindsight.

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    how woke do you have to be

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    Nasa has been lying to us for years…there areapparently 5 levels of secret space programs

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    There is no legitimate excuse for our government to withhold information regarding possible alien invasion or visitations.  If it becomes known our government has been hiding the truth then its time for a new government.  For decades I have listened quietly to horror stories of abductees and not saying a word just listening.  This planet is ours and we should ban all aliens.

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    your kidding what his this to do with the bible ?

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    i fuckin love this guy…..

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    "To take from….those lyrics". FUCKING HILARIOUS! You keep on trucking you crazy doomsday nut! Love your work!

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    120 thumbs up Tim, u have lots of company

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    we should read the book, The Great Controversy by E.G. White. the entire scoop is explained and concluded there. God is love.

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    Also keep in mind the free mason or iluminatti use color codes and especially number codes that they use to show they are behind the story .Thus the ( 7 ) new planets the number ( 7 ) in all the space logos and major related corporations . They use the number 7 in alot of fake stories as well as 9,11,13,31,33 Notice they always include stupid stats and useless info that includes numbers such as 3 men driving 6 cars down 8th ave .. They own the entire media so why should we believe any of this . If there were levels of stages that we could put ourselves in as far as waking up goes like a scale from 0-10 Zero being asleep and 10 being someone that is a part of the big scam or sits at the big table at the elite meetings . I rate myself at about 7 i would say 8 or even 9 but i have a hunch or a strange feeling that all that i think i know (even after destroying most of my beliefs) may be just another level of complete bullshit . Lets say the Chris Greene considers himself at about the same level 7 or 8 . When you reach this level of awareness you know it doesnt come over night . Its like singing the blues you have to pay you dues and paying you dues in this game or life or whatever the hell you call it , one must do a hell of alot of rational thinking , constantly weighing the pros and cons and viewing things from every angle and coming up with the most logical answer dispite what others that do not think on the same level would say to your theories . . When a person dedicates their life to researching the corruption and manipulation of humanity there is no room for sheeple , period , in fact they are the reason we are in this mess , if they would just understand a fraction of whats really going on just enough to say , hey wait a minute something isnt right here , then we would have alot less brain dead zombies . When i first heard of the catholic church and priests being charged with child rape etc i thought thaty was crazy , then i saw videos suggesting the leaders of our countries engaging in the same thing including the pope ,it wasnt until i received a phone call from a family member saying that a relative of ours was just sentenced for child rape in the catholic church , we have nuns and priests in our family although i found them all kinda creepy i never dreamed they were this creepy , but this made me look at these accusations against our leaders a little closer as there may be some truth to this , then i read about the Canadian Holocaust and the Queens involvement in the murders of nearly 100,000 first nations children in the residential schools ,thats when i knew these stories were not bullshit and there is some crazy shit going on in our governments and from there it hasnt stopped . Sorry i wandered off the topic again , So the level 7 or 8 ( in our minds ) may seem like we are about as close as it gets to the source of the corruption as we are on top of all the info that we can find and we use all the info and take what seems real and discard the crap , But my point here is , are we really absorbing the truth when we do this , sure we are alot wiser or awake than most but are we really ? are we as awake as we think we are or have we been duped by the pros at a higher level of mind control , we think we are about as informed as it gets and have a clear train of thought but what if we were just as brain dead as the zombie sheeple below us that we regard as idiots . Have we waisted out time to get where we are today What if all this information that we have put thru our processors is just dis information at the executive level . It was tough enough realizing that most of our beliefs were lies and thats fine , this may be the comfort zone that most sheeple refuse to leave so instead of waking up they are more comfortable calling us quacks instead . The one that got my ego was the Oj Simpson murders , when i found out the whole thing was a hoax i felt betrayed and at that point i put all my beliefs on the table or as many i could think of and researched them all and all of them were lies . There are more that arise almost daily but its alot easier to delete them now than when i started

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    Aliens are pissed off that Trump got elected and not on of their reptilian puppets 😮

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    he ist flipped the 666 sign pmsl

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    False threats in order of appearance?1) Cold War communism threat
    2) World Terrorism threat
    3  Rogue 3rd world nation threat
    4) Asterroid threat
    5) Alien threat

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    please look this alien speech from paul H.

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    what paul say its so unbeleveble

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    project blue beam its comming

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    i saved 15% by switching to geico

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    Excellent show! There is way too much evidence to ignore, glad to see you sharing the profound reality.
    Of course it would be great if the "false flag alien invasion" was not a logical scenario…sheesh what a mess…but it seems to be what is to come. What is to be a GREAT DECEPTION, the greatest since the beginning of life on Earth.
     Paul Helleyer is a man of integrity and great source of information. We have no reason not to trust his testimony as he is not part of the occult games and corruption that many weaker souls succumb to in government.
     Dr Steven Greer has done years of research and has some very credible evidence. as well.

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