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What the HELL is Flat Earth Principle?

In at the moment’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV studies on the Flat Earth conspiracy 2017. Be a part of the AMTV Underground ($four.95/month, No Advertisements): …


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    i have a message to flat earthers:
    take gopro,put it on the rocket and shoot it 400 miles high and bring back a reality footage if earth is flat or round ball.
    But you idiots only talk theory with no video proof-that makes you idiots
    Bring video proof or shut your toothless traps-it stinking the internet
    and why is all planets,moon,stars and sun ball shaped?
    you idiots

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    It seems the moon is inside the "van Allen belts" (firmament). So maybe they traveled to the moon because it's really not that far away.. and also theirs prove the picture on the moon on earth was photo shopped so they tried to make it look like the moon was outside the van Allen belts..

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    Santos Bonacci

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    and the flat earth pasyop continues… lol

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    god so fucking stupid. just go to google maps and take a look at the farmland in the midwest or drive there. If the earth was flat you would have perfect squares in rows. This is not how it is. Notice their are some streets that are imperfect, and do not line up with the row above it as it moves further up in latitude and gets scrunched. That's because its impossible to fucking fit perfect right angle squares on a sphere. You can test this. Walk 100 miles straight, take a perfect 90 degree turn right and repeat 3 times. you will not end up where you started.

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    Heineken suggested we catapult our ships into outer space, and why (less energy). I kept waiting for NASA to figure it out.

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    It does matter what I believe and do. In the twinkling of an eye I will be with The Lord. The more I know, the more positive I was created (not pond-scum – like our poor grand babies believe – so the have HUGE pond scum self image). The man made law condemns a mankind – that only needed Ten Commandments and we would all get along so well.
    Isn't there a field around the earth we have not penetrated? I cannot remember where I read that when I was a kid. I was an abused child! I got books for Christmas!

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    How come the planets look like balls in the telescope? Hmmmm the beautiful backdrop Jesus can roll up like a parchment …

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    Ok I wish he was one of my kids too. Can you imagine Sunday dinner?

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    Hey Mr DRAMA QUEEN – you need to know that the earth is FLAT – it does not spin – I have watched quite a lot of your videos, but if you don't understand the FLAT EARTH then you are pissing in the wind – I am looking forward to you reporting on the truth – rather than reporting on all the shit the media is talking about

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    I'm not on the flat-earth side of things. I have a legitimate question, where is the edge of earth? Where would we fall off this flat earth?

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    Poisoning the well………

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    It's right in front of you and you don't see it. Out.

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    people are laughing at you snowflakes

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    If the earth is flat then where is the edge ?

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    This kid makes much better arguments than this guy lol

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    for the amount of flat earth conspiracy theorists out there that seem so convinced why have none of you ever went out and found the edge. Seriously if you did you would be the most famous person on this so called "flat earth" because you proved everyone wrong all the top scientists past and present. Shit you would probably win the Nobel Prize if you could prove that, You would go down in history as one of the smartest minds that ever existed. But all you do is sit in front of a computer screen filling your own head with drivel all day long. trying to fill other peoples heads with drivel.
    When the truth is you just spout this shit to make a few penny's from a youtube video. why not do something credible like get off your ass and go take a photo of the edge. if you are so convinced its flat there must be an edge. instead of making a few penny's on this shit you could make a million dollars just from the Nobel Prize. Not to mention getting paid to speak at events and all that. TV appearances. Radio. Books. Surly it would only cost you the price of a plane ticket for all that fame and glory. How hard can it be.

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    @ 17:25 … This dork thinks "Van Allen" is a type of radiation. That level of scientific acumen explains his ability to swallow and regurgitate Flat Earth Cult rhetoric

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    Great interview.

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    Nice chemtrails at 16:15

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