Who is the Best Rap Group Ever Bone Thugs or Migos?

Run-DMC, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Outkast, Or possibly even the Geto Boys, Wu-Tang Clan, Salt-N-Pepa or A Tribe Called Quest. You have to ask your self who is the greatest rap group of all time after seeing all those names?

To be honest Migo’s really dont have no business even considering them selves as the best rap group ever. They should have said something more on “in this era or decade perhaps but not all time.

The way Offset sees it, his group Migos holds the title, and he’s already gotten a passionate response from two legendary rappers.

“We the best group in hip-hop ever” Offset told Big Boy on his radio show “The Neighborhood.”

Me the author personally has nothing against the Migo’s I actually like a few of their songs but when it comes to Bone Thugs N Harmony GUYS! I know the lyrics to almost all of their songs especially all their top hits. Bone has been in the rap game for over 25 years and still sell out concerts and shows.

Migo’s on the other hand have only been out for a few yrs now, so only time will tell if they will even reach a hall of fame status such as Bone Thugs N harmony. I will also have to mention that I just don’t think 20 years from now I will even remember the Migo’s because we are in a time where all the hip hop music sounds the same so nobody really stands out.

Bone stood out from the crowd 20 years ago with a unique sound that changed hip hop as we no it.

I would like to hear your comments below about who you think the best rap group ever is? Bone thugs? Migos? or another not mentioned.

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